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Are you interested in joining the master’s programme in Environmental & Energy Management upon completion of your bachelor’s programme? In a number of cases you might be required to complete a pre-master’s programme first. 

What is a pre-master's programme?

The pre-Master's programme is a transfer and bridging programme for students from a university of applied sciences (hbo) or university bachelor's students who wish to obtain a university master's degree but cannot be admitted directly. Students with a related previous education will gain the knowledge and skills needed for participation in the master’s programme. Once you’ve successfully completed the pre-master's programme, you’ll be granted admission to the master’s programme in Environmental & Energy Management.

As an hbo student you can either start your pre-master’s programme after completing your bachelor’s programme or during your bachelor's programme as a transfer minor.

StarT date

The pre-master's programme starts in September or February. After completing the pre-master's successfully you can enrol in the master's programme in September.  


It is a 30 EC programme that consists of two parts:

  1. Academic skills (15 EC)
  2. Understanding Sustainability (15 EC)

The programme is organised online, and consists inter alia of webinars, homework and assignments.


Eligibility for admission to the pre-master's programme in Environmental & Energy Management depends on your previous education. Check out more information on admission for hbo students.


If you have any questions regarding the pre-master's programme, please contact us:

Read more about our pre-master's programmes.

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