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Marketing Communication & Design

In our highly competitive world, companies are always fighting for the favour of consumers, with branding, positioning, and advertising among the tools of the trade. Design has become one of the most powerful cards in this game. Product and packaging design, corporate or brand logos, and even architecture all have an impact on how we, as humans and as consumers, see, interpret, and evaluate the world around us. One aspect of design is consumer psychology. Communication professionals need to be able to understand consumers.

They must know why consumers are drawn to certain products, and how to maximize success in a particular market. In the 21st century, this has become extremely challenging, as ‘one size fits all’ solutions no longer satisfy a society characterized by globalization, fragmentation, and individualization. This is why today’s organizations need professionals who are competent in this challenging field to make the most of new marketing developments.

In this specialization, you will become such a professional. You will learn to understand consumer patterns and the role of visual and multisensory design. In collaboration with students enrolled in our Master’s programme Industrial Design Engineering, you will learn about the fundamentals of marketing communication and consumer behaviour and the possibilities of design. With both skill sets on board, you will become a uniquely skilled communications professional, understanding both unconscious consumer processes and visual and multisensory design to create the perfect impact in a particular market.


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