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In today’s digitalised society, never has it been so important to keep people in mind. How do you find the X factor among today’s growing machine-generated candidate pools? What keeps people motivated, involved and capable of contributing to innovation and positive change, thereby shaping an organisations strategy? In other words: how can you manage and develop the potential of people in an increasingly digitalised world? The specialisation in Human Resource Management will turn you into a valued business leader that helps companies, governments and organisations bring out the best in themselves, their employees, partners and suppliers.

What to expect?

This specialisation places HRM firmly in the context of international, high tech, innovative businesses and digital transformation. This makes our HRM specialisation unique in its kind. Next to the fundamentals of HRM, you will explore the possibilities for the future of people management. You will learn how to recruit the best talent using social media, how to support people-driven innovation in organisations, and how to co-manage technology, artificial intelligence and human potential. For example, how can you use chatbots in the job applicant screening process? Or how can you use AI-based software to create job descriptions for vacancies? You will become skilled in identifying how tech developments affect employees – and vice versa – and in ensuring that technology benefits people, organisations and society.

Examples of courses you can follow during this specialisation:
  • What challenges do multinationals face in recruiting and retaining talent in an increasingly competitive and international arena? The course Global Talent Management will provide you with useful insights, drawing on real-life cases.
  • The course Strategic HR Analytics will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to apply HR analytics in practice. It will help you become a futureproof analytical HRM specialist, who can make fact-based decisions to help organisations take their HRM to the next level.
  • How can employees be motivated to generate new ideas? And which role should managers play in the generation and implementation of innovative ideas? The course HRM and Innovation will give you a deeper understanding of how firms can use HRM to make their workforce more innovative.

You will not only gain in-depth knowledge of the science of HRM but also marketable skills in the management of analysis, teams, consultancy and projects. Science and application are fused in different ways throughout the programme: from team projects in which you work on practical cases from the business world to lectures by guest speakers representing players like Air-France KLM, Philips, Royal TenCate, Capgemini, Shell, Pepsi Cola, DSM, and other prominent members of different sectors in the international business community. You will get taught by Europe’s leading researchers in the field of HRM, innovation and technology, as our research programmes are seen as pioneering projects in international HRM.

What will you learn?

As a graduate of this Master's and this specialisation, you have acquired specific, scientific knowledge, skills and values, which you can put to good use in your future job.

  • Knowledge

    After completing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • have knowledge of fundamental people management processes in the whole HRM flow: from recruitment to onboarding, training and development, career progressing to an eventual exit;
    • have a broad overview and understanding of different HRM approaches for different types of organisations;
    • have an overview of different high-tech applications and their usability in HRM processes, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, analytics and Information Technology (IT).
  • Skills

    After successfully finishing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • possess people management skills and you know how to recruit and match people’s talents to the positions and jobs in organisations;
    • can successfully support business decisions with HR data and analytics;
    • can perfectly position yourself as a talent in the job market.
  • Values

     After completing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • value and are aware of the fact that every person has a talent in an organisation and have an intrinsic motivation to find and develop space for that talent;
    • have a sense of organisational sensitivity (e.g. the realisation that every organisation and every person is different, listening to and understanding people within organisations, taking their interests into account, consider consequences for other people or departments within an organisation, etc.);
    • value people’s input and realise that career development is the main motivating factor for employees, not incentives or money.

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