Become an expert in maximizing organizations’ most potent asset: people 

Do you want to become a business leader who understands, and can manage and develop, the potential of people in today’s increasingly digitalized workplace? Do you want to make a difference by keeping colleagues motivated, involved, and capable of contributing to innovation and positive change, thereby shaping your organization’s strategy and impacting society? Are you looking for the go-to academic programme in this field? Then our one-year, English-taught and internationally oriented Master’s track in Human Resources Management (HRM) – part of our Business Administration Master’s degree – is the right choice for you.

Read more about the HRM study programme, the career prospects for graduates with a Human Resources Management specialization, or the double degree option with Business Administration, Economics and Finance.

Business Administration and the HRM specialization

The Master’s specialization Human Resources Management (HRM) is one of the tracks available within our one-year Master’s in Business Administration. The programme as a whole will provide you with exceptional, in-depth instruction in the principles of business administration, while this specialization will help you become an academically grounded business leader with cutting-edge expertise in HRM. You will become competent in independently conducting international, multidisciplinary research, designing and organizing innovative, people-centred business solutions, and enabling organizations to create value and to impact society. As an HRM graduate, you will be an expert infusing the potential of today’s technologies with the real needs and wants of employees, organizations and society.

The HRM track is a part of the full-time, one-year, internationally oriented programme taught entirely in English. On completing it, you will gain the title of Master of Science (MSc).


There can be many reasons for you to sign up for the Human Resources Management (HRM) Master’s specialization at the University of Twente. Discover the top five here.

  • Study HRM in the context of the Digital Transformation

    Our HRM track, part of the Master’s programme in Business Administration, is unique in the academic arena. It is also the only HRM Master’s that is fully dedicated to the exciting, multidisciplinary field of Human Resources Management, (Information) Technology and Innovation. While not a tech programme – you won’t have to learn programming – this specialization places HRM firmly in the context of international, high-tech, innovative businesses, and digital transformation. You will learn how to recruit the best talent using social media, how to support people-driven innovation in organizations, and how to co-manage technology, artificial intelligence and human potential. In a world that keeps rediscovering that vital success factor called people, the HRM track will help you become a valued business leader. You will enter today’s changing job landscape equipped to help companies, governments and organizations bring out the best in themselves, their employees, partners and suppliers.

    Watch our 45-second video to hear what HRM professor Tanya Bondarouk says about this Master’s track

  • Learn from Europe’s leading researchers in HRM, innovation and technology

    Our research programmes are seen as pioneering projects in international HRM. We launched and host the annual International E-HRM Conference, our scientists are well represented on the board of the Dutch HRM Network, and all of our staff members are personally engaged in researching different aspects of HRM and digitalization. As an HRM student, you get to tap into our broad network as well as our cutting-edge science, with a particular emphasis on HRM’s tie-ins with digitalization and innovation. Research areas include: HRM & Innovation Performance, which focuses on the multi-level performance of individuals, teams and organizations; Innovating HRM Functions, in which you will learn all about the latest innovations in HRM and their value for organizations; and HRM & Digital Technology, an exciting area in which we are among the international leaders, and will take you to the front lines of Electronic and Digital HRM (E-HRM, or D-HRM). Examples of current research projects: Employee-driven innovation; HRM in smart industries, or Industry 4.0; HRM in the ‘gig’ economy; Robotization of human touch: the relationship between line managers and employees in a digitalized environment.

    Find out more about our HRM Research Group and its HRM research, or discover how students can combine personal interests with top UT research in HRM graduation projects

  • Combine academic rigour with hands-on application and marketable management skills

    The HRM Master’s track has been designed to help you develop academically and professionally. You will gain competence in independently conducting international and multidisciplinary research, as well as in the design and organization of innovative, hands-on business solutions. As a graduate, you will not only have in-depth knowledge of the science of HRM, but also marketable skills in the management of analysis, teams, consultancy and projects. We fuse science and application in different ways throughout the programme: from team projects in which you work on practical cases from the business world to lectures by guest speakers representing players like Air-France KLM, Philips, Royal TenCate,, Capgemini, Shell, Pepsi Cola, DSM, and other prominent members of different sectors in the international business community.

  • Get equipped to work with the most fascinating and vital part of our changing world: humans

    As an HRM graduate from the University of Twente, you will understand the roles that science, technology and innovation play in shaping tomorrow’s society. Yet your expertise will centre on the one asset that brings all those other forces together: humans. You will become skilled in identifying how tech developments affect employees – and vice versa – and in ensuring that technology benefits people, organizations and society. Even in high-tech environments, you will be able to pinpoint and resolve key people issues, from motivation to talent development and succession prediction. As a recruiter, or consultant, you will be able to do what machines cannot: brief engineers and programmers on how to develop people-friendly systems, find the X factor among today’s growing machine-generated candidate pools, engage face-to-face with employers and job seekers to bridge the gaps technology cannot. In a digitalizing society, you will be valued as a professional who knows how to keep people in view.

  • Enjoy a carefully balanced study load

    In today’s workplace, the tension between professional and private pursuits – work and leisure – can be too much to bear. As an HRM professional, you will be equipped to help employers and employees find the right work-life balance. We’ll help you get started by ensuring a carefully balanced study load during the programme: regardless of the courses you take and the projects you engage in, we will help you learn to manage your needs and wants effectively and with fulfilment.

    The HRM track is part of our Master’s in Business Administration (BA). Check out what makes this BA Master’s different from other business programmes


Would you like to combine the Master’s track in Human Resources Management (HRM) with an extra challenge, that will broaden your expertise in the Business Administration domain? Then the Master’s Business Administration, Economics, and Finance (MBAEF) is a good choice. The MBAEF is a double degree programme (120 ECs) offered jointly by the University of Twente and the University of L’Aquila (UA) in central Italy. It takes two years, during which you are expected to spend two semesters at each university. On completion, you will receive two Master’s degrees:

  • Master of Science in Business Administration, specialization Human Resource Management (HRM) from the UT
  • Master of Science in Business Administration, Economics, and Finance (major in Management) from the University of L’Aquila, Italy

Learn more about the double degree in Business Administration, Economics and Finance 

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