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Become the business expert many organisations are looking for by combining state-of-the-art finance expertise with broader business knowledge.

Every organisation is faced with complex financial issues. For example, how do you measure and manage financial risk in an unpredictable market, or analyse the financial data involved in a merger? What about advising an entrepreneur on the profitability of a sustainable business concept? In the specialisation in Financial Management, you will gain expertise in tackling almost any finance-related business challenge. You will become a rounded business expert with an entrepreneurial, finance-savvy mindset.

In this specialisation, you will discover that a lot of financial decisions can be explained psychologically. That is why we combine finance with management, a combination that will make you perfectly suitable for a variety of roles and challenges.

Prof. Dr. Rezaul Kabir, Chair of Corporate Finance and Risk Management

What to expect?

Within this specialisation, you will expand your understanding of entrepreneurship and business management with vital financial knowledge and skills. You will learn to read, interpret, and make a business plan, assess the value of a company, or the financial feasibility of a venture. Moreover, you will become familiar with the latest financial technologies (fintech) and examine their assets for business development. The key is to create value, foster growth and remain financially and technologically innovative.

Examples of courses you (can) follow during this specialisation:
  • In the course Corporate Finance, you will get familiar with the ins and outs of financial business decisions. What are the pros and cons of a certain strategy? Which solution to a financial problem is best, and how do business operations and financial performance influence each other?
  • The course Entrepreneurial Finance teaches you how to use fintech tools and techniques for innovative enterprises. You will dive into all sorts of organisational issues for new – sustainable – ventures, such as the right funding sources, flexible business models, and business strategies based on financial data.
  • How do you assess and manage financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, and the various financial risks faced by companies worldwide? The course Investment & Risk Management prepares you to make informed decisions in the process of managing different types of financial risks, for example, interest-rate or foreign-exchange risk.

You will gain in-depth insights into the modern principles of corporate finance and investments, as well as key challenges faced by finance managers. These challenges will be presented to you through many different real-life cases, thanks to close ties with many companies. This hands-on approach, combined with in-depth academic knowledge and skills, will help you prepare yourself optimally for your future career.

What will you learn?

As a graduate of this Master's and this specialisation, you have acquired specific, scientific knowledge, skills and values, which you can put to good use in your future job.

  • Knowledge

    After completing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • know the impact of financial policies and management decisions on organisations, value and risk management;
    • understand the latest financial technologies and scientific insights on financial management;
    • have a firm grasp of valuation methods, financial analysis techniques, corporate governance mechanisms, and managing (international) businesses from a financial perspective.
  • Skills

    After successfully finishing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • are able to manage finance and organisations from a broad, multidisciplinary perspective;
    • can act on a clear understanding of financial data in business plans and reports;
    • can analyse the causes, consequences, risks and outcomes of many kinds of change in business.
  • Values

    After completing this Master’s specialisation, you:

    • use your knowledge and skills to help business positively impact society;
    • integrate financial and business success with sustainability;
    • manage business and finance from a holistic, ethically responsible and accountable perspective.

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