Financial Management 

Business Administration specialization 

Every organization is faced with complex financial issues. These issues extend beyond the preparation of annual accounts and reports to include the creation of value by raising funds in financial markets and investing these funds in new assets. How is financial performance measured and assessed? How do start-ups differ from other firms? What are the effects of new financial innovations (e.g. e-finance and crowdfunding)? Which actions can firms take to manage various categories of risks? This course will teach you how to cope with these and many other questions.

Overall, the specialization concerns the following:

  • Corporate finance
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Investments
  • Business valuation
  • Financial disclosures
  • Mergers, acquisitions and restructurings
  • Risk management
  • Corporate governance
  • Security and credit analysis
  • Financial markets and institutions

Why study financial management at the University of Twente?

The entrepreneurial and technical focus of the University of Twente makes its specialization in Financial Management unique. While studying Financial Management at Europe’s most entrepreneurial university, you will learn from success stories in finance and investment. You will learn how the latest financial technology is used (e.g. in forecasting changes in cash flow and risk management with financial derivatives). The ability to create value, foster growth and remain financially and technologically innovative is only part of the boundless knowledge potential that we offer to aspiring students from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the specialization’s multi-disciplinary perspective on finance allows it to feature the exciting interplay of academic rigor, practical knowledge and societal and global trends.

Double degree

A special double degree agreement for the specialization in Financial Management exists for students from the University of Surakarta, Indonesia. Additional information on this double degree can be found here.


The specialization in Financial Management focuses on both the theory and the practice of financial decision making. You will become thoroughly conversant with the modern principles of corporate finance and investments, as well as with the key challenges faced by finance managers. You will also stay abreast of the contemporary economic and technological developments that are shaping the financial management practices of small businesses, large corporations and the financial industry as a whole. Guest speakers are regularly invited to share their views and insights with our students. The educational experience equips our graduates to perform consistently within the top echelons.

What will you learn?

Important topics studied in the Financial Management specialization include the following:

  • Corporate financial policies
  • Corporate valuation methods
  • Financial aspects of business entrepreneurship
  • Motives for and effects of changes in capital structure and dividend payments
  • Causes and consequences of mergers, acquisitions and restructurings
  • Corporate governance mechanisms
  • Investment and financial analysis techniques
  • International financial management

The multiple courses that we offer will help you to become aware of the impact of financial management decisions on firm value/corporate performance, as well as their implications for risk management and corporate governance. Our courses also cover specific topics, including techniques for financing start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, contemporary changes in the international financial environment and emerging markets. All courses place considerable emphasis on the application of scientific insight to real-world issues of financial management and to the promotion of logical and critical thinking. The knowledge and skills that you develop will help you to gain the clarity and confidence you will need in order to undertake the independent research project for your Master’s thesis.


After completing the specialization in Financial Management, you will have a wide range of attractive career opportunities in small and medium-sized enterprises, large and multinational companies, financial institutions and public-sector organizations. Each year, our graduates receive exciting job offers to work in the following areas: 

  • Finance/Treasury/Accounting Departments
  • IT and Business Development Departments
  • Research and Consultancy organizations

Examples of positions in these areas include Account Manager, Investment Manager, Risk Manager, Portfolio Manager, Business Consultant and Business Analyst.

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