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Learn what you can do for today's challenges

All of our education and research is aimed to contribute to solutions for today's challenges, making wise use of science, technology and teamwork.

In this series, you will discover studies of great value for today's society. Studies in which our students and professors of various scientific disciplines join forces, in order to make the world a healthier, smarter and more sustainable place.

Find out what it is about, why it matters and how you can contribute too with a master's degree.

Frank's story: Combatting Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is a chronic disease; one in which the risk of complications increases as a result of dysregulated glucose levels. Unfortunately, the number of diabetes 2 patients is increasing rapidly and they need help to control their disease.

'Diameter', the smart buddy

In order to stay healthy, diabetics need to constantly make sure that their blood sugar levels stay low and stable. To better assist them in maintaining their glucose levels, our researchers and students from the Master's in Health SciencesComputer Science and Psychology developed the special support system 'Diameter'.

Watch the full video below for the complete story about the 'Diameter' support system.

One project, three perspectives

At UT, we believe that solutions to challenges like this can only be created by joining forces from different perspectives. Listen to the experts in computer science, health sciences and psychology in the podcast below. Also, read the story of diabetes patient Ron. He took part in the Diameter pilot and during that time his blood sugar values reached the best levels they had in years!

Make an impact with a master’s degree

The development of the Diameter app is a fascinating story that affects the lives of diabetes patients in a positive way. The story has a strong multidisciplinary ingredient as it was created by combining scientific expertise from the Master's in Health Sciences, Computer Science and Psychology

Have you become interested in one of these master's and are you wondering if you are admissible? For example, when you have obtained a Dutch HBO diploma? Take a look at the admission requirements of the specific master's to find out if you might be eligible, either directly or via a pre-master's. Also, have a look at the specialisations you can choose from!

Find out about your eligibility options

Questions about your transfer options?

Do you have questions about your transfer options, deadlines, starting dates or costs?

Considering a master's after your HBO degree?

After obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you have a choice to make: start looking for a job or continue studying with a master's. Obtaining a university-level master’s degree is an attractive option. In a master’s, you acquire specialist knowledge in a certain field, deepening your understanding and expertise. At the University of Twente, you will learn to contribute to solutions for today's challenges as well.

Read the stories of our students who transferred from a university of applied science (in Dutch: HBO) to a master's at UT. And find out how they contributed to the development of the Diameter app during their studies!

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