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Make impact with a master's degree

Learn what you can do for today's challenges

How will you contribute to solutions for the challenges we are facing today? Continue studying with a master's to impact society!

Curious how obtaining a master's degree can help you to create impact? In our series of impact stories, you will discover studies of great value for today's society. 

Impact stories

All of our education and research is aimed to come up with solutions for today's challenges. How can we contribute to a healthier, smarter, and more sustainable world? This requires a strong combination of science, technology, and above all: teamwork!

At the University of Twente, you will learn to look beyond the boundaries of your own discipline and join forces with students and professors from all kinds of disciplines to tackle current issues. Whether it's about improving food security in Africa, devising a smart app that can support patients with diabetes, or realising the transition to electric vehicles. With a UT master's degree, you can make a difference!

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More stories

Get inspired by these stories and find out which master's suits your interest!

Thinking of pursuing a master's? Smart choice!

After obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you have a choice to make: start looking for a job or continue studying with a master's. Pursuing a university-level master’s degree is an attractive option because you will acquire specialist, in-depth knowledge in a certain field. But following a master's at UT will not only deepen your understanding and expertise: you will learn to broaden your view to really impact society! 

Wondering if you are eligible for a master's at UT?

Have you become interested in one of our master's and are you wondering if you are admissible? For example, when you have obtained your diploma at a university of applied sciences (Dutch: HBO)? Take a look at the admission requirements of the master's of your interest to find out if you might be eligible, either directly or via a pre-master's

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