Bachelor's student in Technical Computer Science

The University of Twente introduced the Twente Educational Model. One of the big differences between this educational system and that of other universities is that in our approach all subjects within the same quartile are interrelated. Another is that we don't just offer lectures in which you sit and listen to a teacher or professor, but we engage you in many hands-on assignments, such as practicals, ‘challenges’ (one-day projects) and projects. The great thing about this educational system is that you go straight to work with the theory you learn during lectures during the practical parts of the same module. Another positive aspect is that you gain a lot of social skills as well, such as working together in teams of different sizes, conducting meetings effectively, taking on responsibilities and carrying them out. These are all useful skills to have in the business world.

This course has a study load of about forty hours a week. You will have relatively few lectures, but lots of tutorials, practicals and projects. You will spend a good deal of those forty hours at the university. Also, most modules do not involve exams, but have several interim assessments instead. These are usually held on a Friday, once a week or every two weeks. The advantage of this approach is that it helps you not to forget the theory. It also means you usually will not have to study at the weekend.

The last two weeks of each quartile are reserved for projects. During this time you will work solely on that module's project, choosing yourself where you want to work and managing your time on your own. These weeks are always fun. You will have a lot of responsibilities and have to work hard, but you will also find it enjoyable and socially rewarding to be working on a product with a team, in which everyone is eager to get the most satisfying results.

All in all, the Twente Educational Model has a strong focus on helping you to apply your knowledge in a practical way and to develop your social skills as well as your knowledge. These will be major assets when you move on to take your place in the business world.

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