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After getting your Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, you can further specialise by completing a Master’s programme. Around 75% of our graduates chose to enter our two-year, English-taught Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. Of the other 25%, many continue on to other Master’s, such as Sustainable Energy Technology or Robotics at the University of Twente, or a master’s in aviation or automotive technology at another university. A few join the job market straight away or start their own business.

Further studies

Most Mechanical Engineering alumni enter the Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. With your Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, you are directly admissible to this Master's. 

Popular master's after this Bachelor's

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  • Mechanical Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish7 specialisations
    Mechanical engineers focus on the design, analyses and maintenance of machinery, structures and products. The Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering zooms in on one of these disciplines.

    7 specialisations for Mechanical Engineering


    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    The Aeronautics specialisation at UT aims to educate versatile mechanical engineers, well-equipped to contribute to new fundamental knowledge of aerodynamics.

    Design & Manufacturing

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    This specialisation can guide the student in becoming a specialist in the design, maintenance and optimization of large systems, such as entire factories and supply chains.

    Energy & Flow

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    This specialisation focuses on the development of sustainable energy systems, efficient processes and high-performance innovative equipment, and minimal environmental impact.

    High-Tech Systems & Materials

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    This specialization includes an emphasis on mechanics, control, materials and processes. These skills are indispensable to create new materials (composites), products and manufacturing processes.

    Maintenance Engineering & Operations

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    The MEO specialization focuses on improving the maintenance of technical systems, using research into design methods, physical failure mechanisms, structural health and condition monitoring.

    Personalised Health Technology

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    The Master’s specialisation Personalised Health Technology integrates several mechanical engineering disciplines to analyse, simulate and support aspects of human functioning.

    Smart & Sustainable Industry

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    In this specialisation you will gain knowledge and tools to conceptualise, develop & optimise sustainable industrial production systems based on insight in robotics, automation, vision, autonomy & AI.
  • Robotics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish3 specialisations
    Learn to develop robotic solutions to benefit industries and societal domains. You will cover all disciplines as mechatronics and AI, while adressing ethical, legal, societal, and economic aspects.

    3 specialisations for Robotics

    Algorithms and Software AI

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    Algorithms and Software AI focusses on the decision-making process inside a robotic system, learning to develop its ability to process external signals into autonomous, relevant movements and actions.

    Human-Robot Interaction and Social AI

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    How does a robotic system fit in with people in social settings in terms of communication, movement, acceptance and trust. How do robots interact with humans, and how do humans respond to robots?

    Mechatronics and Physical AI

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    In this specialisation, you learn how to design and develop a robotic system with (physical) AI. This means combining mechanics, electronics, control and computing.
  • Sustainable Energy Technology

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Do you feel called upon to make a valuable contribution to the sustainable energy transition? Become an expert in the development, implementation and integration of sustainable energy technologies.


You are admissible to most engineering and technology master’s at our university, or at other universities in the Netherlands or abroad, although for some you may need to complete a pre-master’s programme. You can choose to do this pre-master’s as one of your minors during the Bachelor’s.

A master’s in social sciences, such as PsychologyPhilosophy or Business Administration, is also possible. A tailored pre-master’s is usually necessary. Some students combine their post-graduate studies with our Dutch-taught Master’s in Science Education and Communication, which allows you to work in education, among other things.

Finding a job after completing the Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering

Most students do not enter the job market until they have a Master's degree, although you can do so after your Bachelor's. The Mechanical Engineering programme will train you as an expert in designing, improving and maintaining machines, devices, installations, constructions and processes that are vital for society – now and in the future. Highly educated engineers will always be in high demand in the job market. In fact, there are good opportunities right here in Twente, the fastest-growing industrial region in the Netherlands. You can work wherever high-tech solutions based on a keen understanding of human and social needs are called for. Some examples of where you could end up working:

Well-known companies employing graduates from this programme include TNO, Unilever, Tesla, Shell and Tata Steel. In the Twente region, we have alumni working at Demcon, Apollo Vredestein, OPRA Turbines, AkzoNobel and Thales, among others.

Start your own company

You can also start your own business with a solution that you have developed. The UT enjoys recognition as ‘the most entrepreneurial university’ in the Netherlands. We are strong in the application of expertise to meaningfully influence society. Together with our students, we like to work with the innovation specialists from Novel-T, who like to tap into promising innovative business cases.

Spin-offs resulting from the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s

One example of a spin-off that resulted from this programme is Clear Flight Solutions, a company that, among other things, uses drone birds to regulate birds’ presence around airports.

Another example is HoSt, one of the largest suppliers of bioenergy installations in Europe.

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