After the bachelor's programme


The one-year Master’s programme in Communication Studies at the UT (given in English) offers you three specializations:


How do consumers obtain information from the market? What psychological processes play a role when they purchase products? Marketing Communication is about explaining, predicting and affecting consumer behaviour through advertising and marketing messages. The goal of marketing is to create positive responses in consumers to a certain brand, product or service. Marketing communication is all around you – and as a consumer you are a part of it, too. In fact, that is where the biggest challenge lies in this field: psychological (and often unconscious) processes play a key role in marketing communication and every consumer is confronted with them. So how can you make them tangible?


The focus in Corporate Communication is on the internal and external communication of organizations. Concepts such as ‘identity’, ‘image’ and ‘reputation’ play key roles in this specialization. Organizations want to create and maintain a positive image for important stakeholders, but they have to solve their internal problems first. A public image campaign, a suitable house style, a code of conduct for their employees and other measures may help, but the image that they want people to see must correspond to the identity of the organization. Within organizations, what matters is the way employees work together, information that they do or do not exchange, the internal perception of the organization, staff satisfaction with the communication and what the work that they are doing actually signifies. Internal communication is much more than merely providing information within organizations. It is about ensuring full cooperation and creating an environment in which employees can bring out the best in themselves.


A modern society without technology would be inconceivable. Every household uses a range of technological products to make life easier. In many jobs, computers or other technical devices play an important role in our day-to-day work. And in healthcare, patients often come up against the latest high-tech equipment. The creative industry is developing new products with improved functionality. In a technological society like ours, communicating about technology is crucial. A technical communication scientist can translate complex systems into a simple explanation for the users. ‘Technical communicators’ are able to understand engineers and are involved in the design process of products at an early stage, for example in interface design, manuals, online help, instruction videos, helpdesks and technical communication strategies.

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