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On completion of the Bachelor’s programme Communication Science, you have several possibilities. You can hit the job market straight away or take your studies a step further in our Master’s programme Communication Studies, or another Master’s programme. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure that your communication expertise will help you make a meaningful contribution to society. 

The master's programme communication studies

The Master’s programme Communication Studies is a one-year, English-taught programme. This internationally oriented programme offers four special and highly topical Master’s specializations: 

  • Digital Marketing Communication. With this specialization you will learn to fuse marketing communication, digital media and big data analytics. You will become familiar with explaining, predicting and influencing consumer behaviour, with a special emphasis on the role of digital marketing strategies, social media and big data. You will learn about the unique possibilities offered us by the Internet and social media, while also familiarizing yourself with consumer privacy and autonomy. 
  • Marketing Communication & Design. In this specialization you will learn to explain, predict and influence consumer behaviour, with a special emphasis on the role of visual communication and multisensory design.  You will get a grip on the psychological (and often unconscious) processes that play an important role in marketing communication. 
  • Organizational Communication & Reputation. Central to this specialization is the communication in and between organizations. Concepts such as ‘identity’, ‘image’ and ‘reputation’ play a major role in corporate communication – especially in modern organizations grappling with new technologies and increasing complexity. You will learn what it takes for modern organizations to keep their image in line with their desired identity in a rapidly changing digital society.
  • Technology & Communication. In our technological society, communicating about technology is crucial. In this specialization, you will learn how to translate complex systems into simple explanations for users. As a technical communicator you will understand both engineers and users – an ability that means you will be often be involved in the earliest stages of product design processes. You will become an expert in the interaction between technology and communication – especially when it comes to developing new media – and the role that communication plays in technological innovation.
  • Communication Studies

    MSc1 yearFull-timeEnglish4 Specializations
    This one-year, English-taught Master’s degree will make become a highly valued communication specialist, equipped to help people and organizations navigate technological advances and societal shifts.

    4 Specializations

    Digital Marketing Communication

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    Explaining, predicting, and influencing consumer behaviour, with special attention to the role of digital marketing strategies, social media, and big data.

    Marketing Communication & Design

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    Explaining, predicting, and influencing consumer behaviour, with special attention to the role of visual and multisensory design.

    Organizational Communication & Reputation

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    How organizations strategically manage their internal and external communications within the complexities of the modern world.

    Technology & Communication

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    The interplay between technology and communication, specifically new media developments, and the role of communication in technological innovations.

Other master's programmes

If you want to move away from Communication Science, you can choose another follow-up programme, such as our Master’s degree in Psychology or Educational Science and Technology. In some cases you may need to complete a six-month pre-Master's programme first.  

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