The bachelor’s programme in Communication Science at the University of Twente will prepare you thoroughly for finding a good job. The combination of academic knowledge, our communication design approach and our emphasis on practical projects is the royal road towards the labour market. The career prospects for communication scientists are generally good and as a communication science graduate, you will be equipped for various work areas. For instance, you may become involved in digital marketing, public relations, or media planning. You can find a job in many sectors, for example in the commercial sector, at a consultancy agency, the media, public or semi-public bodies, or at a research institution.


  • Marketing (35%)
  • Corporate (25%)
  • Media (13%)
  • Management (9%)
  • Research (5%)
  • Trainer / Teacher (4%)
  • Other (9%)


After getting your bachelor’s diploma you will have the Bachelor of Science title. With this degree, you can immediately progress to the master’s programme in Communication Science at the University of Twente.


You have three Master’s focus areas to choose from:

  • Organisational Communication & Reputation
  • Technology & Communication
  • Digital Marketing Communication & Design
  • Communication Science

    MSc1 yearFull-timeEnglish3 specializations
    This one-year, English-taught Master’s degree will make become a highly valued communication specialist, equipped to help people and organizations navigate technological advances and societal shifts.

    3 specializations for Communication Science

    Digital Marketing Communication & Design

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    In this focus area, you will learn to understand consumer patterns and the role of visual and multisensory design.

    Organizational Communication & Reputation

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    How organizations strategically manage their internal and external communications within the complexities of the modern world.

    Technology & Communication

    MSc1 yearFull-time
    The interplay between technology and communication, specifically new media developments, and the role of communication in technological innovations.
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