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Why study Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente?

Application-focused programme

Compared to Bachelor's programmes at other universities, the University of Twente places far more emphasis on practical application. In our Applied Mathematics programme, you will learn how to systematically develop sound, viable solutions for technological and social problems. You will receive a solid theoretical foundation, but you also need to be knowledgeable in other areas in order to practically apply mathematics. As opposed to 'pure' mathematics at a non-technical university, our programme focuses on advanced applications. Because of this you will be well equipped to work alongside scientists from other disciplines.

Project-based modules

The Applied Mathematics course at the University of Twente provides the best preparation for the international environment that you will later work in. The programme is structured according to the internationally recognized Bachelor and Master's system. Our practice-focused educational system is unique. During each ten-week module, all your lectures, practicals and projects will centre on one theme and for each module you will work on a project, together with the other members of your project group. This way you will acquire all the knowledge needed to solve the theme's assignments.

A smart study structure

Another important feature of the Applied Mathematics degree at the University of Twente is the so-called modelleerlijn (learning model). This model reinforces the applied nature of the programme and has become one of its main characteristics. Every year the problems you tackle will be more realistic and complex than they were the previous year. The highlight will be your Bachelor's thesis in the last year of your Bachelor's programme.

Double degree programme

Are you looking for an extra challenge and do you want to improve your knowledge of physics and computer science? You can choose to do two degrees at the same time. At the University of Twente you can choose a double degree in Technical Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, or in Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics. If you choose a double degree, then you will also follow a tailored study programme, combining parts from the modules of both programmes. Every quartile, you will have a heavier course load than regular students; so it is important that you get good grades in your previous studies.

Second-degree teaching qualification

In the Netherlands, there is an ongoing shortage of academically trained teachers, especially in maths and the sciences. This means there are excellent job opportunities for someone with a mathematics degree focused on education. Our ‘Educational Bachelor’ will train you to become a teacher who has a deep understanding of the subject, while also possessing didactical skills. With an education-focused Bachelor's degree you will be qualified to teach at secondary schools. This means you have a second-degree teaching qualification and can teach mathematics for the theoretical programme in Dutch vmbo schools and the lower classes (years 1-3) of havo and vwo. Need more information about this educational option? Then please contact our Bachelor's coordinator, Yael Veenstra.

First-degree teaching qualification

Do you also want to teach the upper levels of havo and vwo? Then you need a first-degree teaching qualification. You can get this after your Bachelor's by completing a Master's-level teacher training programme with our Master's programme in Science Education and Communication (SEC). This programme is provided by ELAN, a University of Twente institute. At the University of Twente we will mentor you throughout this course and we have mentoring agreements with schools in the area as well. This means you can get your first-degree qualification by completing the SEC Master's programme whilst already standing at the front of a classroom. Another good option that leads to a first-degree qualification is a combined Master's in Applied Mathematics, supplemented with six months of Didactics, Pedagogy and an internship at a school. You have to have obtained an Educational Bachelor's degree in order to do this.

Opportunities after your Bachelor's

Do you want to keep your options open after finishing your Bachelor's programme and do you consider yourself inquisitive, and a go-getter who does not give up quickly when things get complicated? Then Applied Mathematics is definitely something for you. This three-year programme will provide you with a good foundation for later developing yourself in another field, such as healthcare, environment, logistics or engineering.

During this programme you will have lots of interaction with the business world, as we maintain close ties with it. You will work on practice-orientated assignments. And in case you have international interests, this Bachelor offers you the possibility of doing a minor abroad. A Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics will open the doors to an interesting and exciting future. The career possibilities are excellent: with Applied Mathematics you will quickly find a good job. And you have a vast amount of choices available as far as further education goes.

Are you searching for a challenging degree that can equip you to offer our society real solutions? Then we are looking for you. Allow yourself to be convinced by being a Student for a Day.

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