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There is more to it than being a good teacher

Interview with Gabi - Bachelor in Applied Mathematics alumnus and currently a Master's student

Why did you choose to study Applied Mathematics?

I chose this programme, because I was good at mathematics in secondary school, and because after the Applied Mathematics degree you can still go in different directions. I chose the University of Twente, because of all the sports and cultural opportunities it offers, and because of the living arrangements on campus.

How did you become interested in the Educational Bachelor?

I was always interested in teaching. I once taught English to a group of primary school children, I have done some tutoring in mathematics and led football training sessions.  When I heard about the Educational Bachelor as a means of getting a second-degree teaching qualification, I was immediately interested. It takes six months to do and I figured that would give me enough time to see if teaching was something for me.

What has this Educational Bachelor meant to you?

During the Educational Bachelor you follow a slightly different syllabus than students of, say, the Applied Mathematics Bachelor. For example, I had to spend two internships at a secondary school, observing lessons and doing some teaching myself, of course. I enjoyed the experience, partly because it meant getting away from the university world for a while. You learn how to teach a class and how to handle students. What makes it interesting is that there is no single correct way of doing it. You have to use your distinct personal qualities to develop your own style, which pushes you to reflect on, and learn more about, yourself. At least I now know that being a teacher does appeal to me.

Would you recommend the Educational Bachelor?

I would definitely recommend the Educational Bachelor if you are interested in teaching. It is the perfect opportunity to find out whether it really is something you enjoy. I have to had that you really need to get on well with teenagers – if you don’t, things could get pretty rough for you.

What do you plan to do after completing your Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics?

I did not start working after my Applied Mathematics Bachelor's programme, but instead decided to continue on to the Master's programme in order to get qualified as a first-degree mathematics teacher. I enjoy teaching so much that becoming a first-degree teacher seemed like the obvious choice. I also think it will offer me a good opportunity to give back to society.

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