Being challenged to work on yourself

An interview with Eline - Bachelor in Applied Mathematics alumnus

Why did you choose to study Applied Mathematics?

I am a natural researcher and problem solver, and I like to think analytically. But it still took me a while to decide what I wanted to study; I am interested in many things and needed to find a focus. I'm glad I chose this course of studies because it lays a broad foundation for skills like systematic thinking, establishing links, coming up with creative solutions and – last but not least – perseverance.

What about your interest in the Educational Bachelor?

Although I am happy with what I have learned, I discovered that my real passion is more socially oriented. That’s one reason why I chose the Educational Bachelor. It is fulfilling to be part of something that enables other people to grow and advance towards their goal. As a teacher, you are not just busy explaining the content – taking interest in your students and helping them when necessary is at least as important. If you establish a bond with your class, teaching is a lot of fun!

What has this Educational Bachelor meant for you?

What is special about the Educational Bachelor is that you are challenged to work on yourself – which is less likely to happen in regular lectures. Being a teacher is demanding, and nobody is born with all the skills needed. In order to learn in a goal-orientated way, you use your internship to focus on different abilities, ranging from presentation skills to time management and keeping order.

Would you recommend the Educational Bachelor?

I would definitely recommend the Educational Bachelor because it was a wonderful experience and it taught me a lot! You do have to enjoy working with teenagers, though. If you are only passionate about your subject, you will just be frustrated by the fact that most of your students are not as interested in the subject as you had hoped they would be – and you won’t get very far as a teacher. It would be a waste of your time and energy!

What do you plan to do after completing your Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics?

After my Bachelor's, I will have had enough of studying for the time being. At the moment I am in Australia, doing a one-year Creative Arts programme, in order to continue developing myself and to get a clear picture of what my ambitions are. I think I am too young to immediately go on and get a first-degree teaching qualification, but education is still something I am interested in, so who knows!

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