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Why study Advanced
Technology at the University of Twente?

If you choose to study Advanced Technology at the University of Twente, you opt for high-quality, project-based education in an international environment and a personal and informal atmosphere. This broad, technical programme seamlessly matches the needs of society. Not only will you become a specialist in natural sciences and engineering, you will also get familiar with the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and the social context in which you will be making a difference. Read more about the study programme or apply for “student for a day” and experience for yourself what this exciting study programme and student life at Twente are all about!

Best Technical UniversityStudiekeuzegids 2018

Personal, informal, international

Studying Advanced Technology at the University of Twente has a personal feel and an informal vibe. Our approachable teaching staff are always ready to answer your questions and your study adviser is always on hand to help you with any problems you might encounter.

Advanced Technology is also an international programme. Your fellow students will come from The Netherlands and countries such as Germany, Britain, Indonesia, Oman, South Africa and China. Studying alongside and collaborating with students of all nationalities will give you the perfect preparation for the international job market. You will learn to look at problems in a totally different way and solve problems together with an international team.   

After your bachelor's

With a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology to your name, a world of opportunity will open up for you. Your internationally recognized diploma will give you access to several different Master’s programmes, such as Nanotechnology, Mechanical Engineering, Systems & Control,  Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Applied Physics, Sustainable Energy and Technology and Electrical Engineering. In the third year of the Bachelor’s programme you will choose a number of modules specifically designed to prepare you for the Master’s programme of your choice. Read more about the opportunities open to you after finishing the Bachelor’s programme.

Educational approach

At the University of Twente, we combine project-based education with other innovative educational methods in full-time modules. Each module centres on a theme, which is also the basis for your team project. In this project, together with a few fellow students, you will apply the theoretical knowledge you have gained in different areas. You will often have to use everything you know to come up with a solution for the project's problem. Also, together with your team, you will usually have to build a prototype to demonstrate your solution. Learn more about our study programme and the University of Twente’s educational model.

World-class research

The University of Twente has several excellent research institutes including the Institute for Nanotechnology MESA+, the TechMed Centre, and the Digital Society Institute.

The Advanced Technology programme works closely with scientists from these research institutes. In addition to offering you support during your projects, they also give lectures and lead tutorials. These close ties mean you can count on staying in touch with the latest developments in the different disciplines.

Highly appreciated programme

The National Student Survey (NSE: Nationale Studenten Enquête) allows all students in Dutch higher education to rate their study programmes and universities. According to this survey our students highly appreciate our teaching staff  and facilities. Over 70% of our students would recommend the Advanced Technology programme at the University of Twente to their family and friends.

And did you know that the University of Twente has been granted the quality seal ‘Best Technical University’ for the highest total score of all technical universities in the country by Keuzegids 2018?

The right programme for you?

Advanced Technology is a challenging, multidisciplinary Bachelor’s programme, in which various technical disciplines come together. As an aspiring student of Advanced Technology, you have a talent and a passion for exact sciences, such as physics and mathematics. You are also intrigued by smart, new gadgets. You are prepared to work and you understand that combining different technical disciplines will invariably lead to exciting, new solutions.

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