You are about to sign up for the Bachelor’s programme Advanced Technology! You are to do this through the Studielink website.

The University of Twente works with different enrolment deadlines. These depend on the programme, your nationality and your qualifications. If you want to start the study programme in September, you can register from October the year before. Please check the admission requirements to make sure that you can apply for the Bachelor's programme in Advanced Technology.

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You can sign up from October onwards.

You have to submit your enrolment through the website Studielink, which is the common registration and enrolment application for all non-private institutions of higher education in the Netherlands. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from Student Services explaining the next steps.

Study Check

We think it is important for you to choose a programme that suits you, so that you can complete your studies successfully. The Study check is one of the tools we use for this. If you have enrolled via Studielink, we invite you to take part - voluntarily, not required - in the Study check, which consists of:

  • An online questionnaire that helps you check if you have the right information and expectations about the programme and whether this course really suits you. You can fill it in and send it back to our study advisor.
  • A personal interview: together, you and the study advisor set a date for a personal interview to talk through your questionnaire answers. The advisor will also look at if you have taken part in orientation activities such as the Open Days and Student for a Day. 
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