Bachelor assignment

Joël van Tiem, Bachelor’s assignment at the Transducers Science & Technology grouP

Hi! My name is Joël van Tiem and I’m 22 years old. I carried out my Bachelor’s assignment at the Transducers Science and Technology group at the University of Twente.

My topic was electrospray from glass capillaries. Electrospray is a process in which very tiny droplets are created by applying a high voltage to a conducting liquid. These droplets can be used for all sorts of analysis techniques. My task was to investigate how far we could downscale this phenomenon by making a mathematical model of the droplet formation and building a measurement set-up. I succeeded in producing electrospray in a capillary with an aperture of one micrometre. The droplets formed are much smaller than this one micrometre.

I chose this assignment because it involved a range of disciplines, something that is true of the Transducers Science and Technology group in general. That’s what really appealed to me: the assignment was a perfect combination of fluid physics, electrical engineering, chemistry and mathematics. I also really liked the combination of theoretical modelling and experimental work.

The Bachelor’s assignment is a wonderful change of pace. After almost three years of taking courses it’s great to get to grips with your very own assignment. Being responsible for the results can seem daunting but it also gives you a lot of freedom. You’re involved in something so new that even your supervisor doesn’t know what the results will be. The drawback is that this also makes it harder to plan your work.

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