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Public Administration

Master's programme public administration

The one-year Master’s in Public Administration is an internationally oriented programme and is taught entirely in English. You can start in September or February. You can start the pre-master's programme in September or February. Read more about the Master's programme, pre-master's programme and admission. You can also find more information about career perspectives.


Master's Open Day Public Administration

Visit our Master's open day on Wednesday 19 November and check out the programme.

In our complex and ever-changing society, the Master’s in Public Administration equips you to tackle today’s most pressing political and administrative challenges.

Focus and disciplines

The Master’s programme in Public Administration will provide you with the skills and conceptual tools to engage in descriptive, explanatory and normative research and analysis of the political and administrative issues of our time. The entire programme takes a comparative approach, looking at governance and policy-making practices in EU and non-EU countries.

The courses you take will depend on the specialization you choose. Examples include Policy Instruments & Evaluation in Environment & Sustainability, Public Safety & Public Safety Governance, Policy Analysis in Public & Technological Domains and Smart Rules & Regimes.

In addition to core courses, you can choose to explore different specializations, each with its own individual range of career prospects. As a student, this gives you unrivalled flexibility and an extensive choice of subject matter. As you prepare for a professional career, your focus will be on one of the domains.

Research and specialization

This programme is directly related to the Public Administration research departments and offers the following specializations:

Why opt for Public Administration at the University of Twente?

The combination of academic rigour and practical relevance, and the cross-disciplinary perspective on public administration are important characteristics of the programme. You will gain relevant core knowledge of the broad spectrum of the public sector and expertise in the specialization of your choice.

The programme is characterized by

The combination of academic rigour and practical relevance, and the cross-disciplinary perspective on public administration are important characteristics of the programme. You will gain relevant core knowledge of the broad spectrum of the public sector and expertise in the specialization of your choice.

Features of the programme:

  • Low student-teacher ratio enabling personalized feedback and personal development
  • The combination of solid academic grounding and practical relevance
  • Focus on the international context of public administration
  • A design approach to policy solutions
  • Cross-disciplinary perspective approaching the subject from various academic angles
  • International orientation and students from different backgrounds
  • A wonderful green campus that provides an ideal study environment.

The programme has been recognized as a leading national and international programme by the experts at the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation.


Career prospects

Organizations are keen to find talented people with the right know-how to tackle complex public problems and successfully implement and manage new policies. Your study programme will be thoroughly attuned to the demands of effectiveness and feasibility, while addressing the requirements of procedural norms such as constitutional legality and democratic legitimacy.

Public Administration graduates have specialized knowledge. This makes them valuable, highly motivated employees who can show initiative in working on complex projects. The programme is an ideal preparation for a career with a national and international government body, for instance the European Union.


The Master’s programme in European Studies is only available on a full-time basis.


Would you like to know more about the Master's programme Public Administration? Check out the study programme, admission,  and career prospects. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Public Administration
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Elsevier best study
Elsevier best study
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