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The one-year Master’s in Public Administration is an internationally oriented programme and is taught entirely in English. You can start in September and February. Read more about the Master's programme, pre-master's programme and admission. You can also find more information about career perspectives. Read the testimonial of students from Public Administration.

In our complex and ever-changing society, the master’s in Public Administration equips you to tackle today’s most pressing political and administrative challenges.

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The world is facing major problems: an ecological crisis, the near collapse of our financial-economic system, rapid shifts in technology and issues of public safety. The master’s programme in Public Administration will provide you with the skills and conceptual tools to engage in descriptive, explanatory and normative research and analysis of the political and administrative issues of our time. The entire programme takes a comparative approach, looking at governance and policy-making practices in EU and non-EU countries.

You will be trained to apply problem-oriented research and analysis to the design of performance-oriented policies. Your results will be thoroughly attuned to the demands of effectiveness and feasibility, and will address the requirements of procedural norms such as constitutional legality and democratic legitimacy.


Interested in a phd programme?

Are you interested in the world of academic research and following a PhD programme after graduation? Then our Twente Graduate programmes may be interesting for you. 

Interested in teaching?

Would you like to go into teaching after completing this master's programme? You can opt for the master degree programme of Teaching in Social Sciences

GREat green CAMPUS

The wonderful, green campus of University of Twente, the only campus university site in the Netherlands, has everything you need within walking distance: housing accommodations, faculties, sports, and cultural facilities. Many student associations offer lots of activities. Importantly, finding an affordable housing accommodation is much easier in Twente than in other university cities. And, finally, the lively city center of Enschede is highly popular among students: you will always meet some friends in one of the many restaurants, café’s, or terraces around Market Square.

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Public Administration
November 19, 2014
Open day

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