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Diversity & Inclusion

The University of Twente strives to create a safe learning and working environment. An environment where everyone can feel at home and has equal opportunities to develop their full potential. We aim to foster an open-minded and inspiring community, by building a strong inclusive culture at our university. We want to create common ground and proud collective ownership, strengthening the capacity of the University of Twente, developing solutions for those who need support and creating a platform that facilitates dialogue by addressing people’s needs in a respectful, safe and inclusive way.

Improving Diversity & Inclusion

At the UT we are working to improve diversity, inclusion and equity within our community. Diversity of Twente discusses all matters related to diversity within the university. “Dialogical spaces for a diverse university” is one of the 2020 UT’s incentive fund supported initiatives on diversity and inclusion. Its aim is to create a space for the UT community to reflect critically on our research and education systems and practices under the social justice lenses.

The Centre for Digital Inclusion is installed to monitor the policy objective that everyone can benefit from the possibilities of Internet (technology). After all, access to the internet is a precondition for participation now and in an increasingly digital future. To be fully inclusive, we must not forget our classrooms. They should be open for various cultural differences, interdisciplinarity, diverse socio-economic backgrounds, sex-orientation (for ex. LGBT), physical disabilities, learning styles, specific talents, etc.

UT's dIVERSITY, eQUITY & Inclusion Team

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Team and all the committed individuals, teams and networks are here to support, raise awareness, guide and inspire. We are prepared and equipped to start tough  conversations on challenging matters. We are here to listen, to act and to enable all of us to bring out the best in ourselves. Get in touch with the members of DE&I Team or visit UT's website on DE&I

drs. S.N. Mkatini (Sterre)
drs. S.N. Mkatini (Sterre)
Diversity & Inclusion officer
M.T. Neys (Michael)
M.T. Neys (Michael)
HR Policy Advisor | Diversity & Inclusion
drs. L. Pasqual - van der Landen (Linda)
drs. L. Pasqual - van der Landen (Linda)
Communication advisor


To connect all these initiatives and share knowledge regarding inclusion and diversity, the Shaping Expert Group (SEG) Inclusion is established. The SEG wants to be a platform where ideas are brought together, supporting both existing and new projects. The SEG Inclusion is led by Laura Vargas (see her contact details below).

drs. L.D. Vargas Llona (Laura)
drs. L.D. Vargas Llona (Laura)
Shaping Expert Group Inclusion Lead

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