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Rikkert Harink

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University of Twente

The 2022 Diversity Week has ended! 

The University of Twente has been and is still building towards a richer and more inclusive community. We all strive to offer equal and fair opportunities. We jointly support each other in learning, failing, succeeding and flourishing. These bold ambitions are laid out in our current organisational strategy, Shaping2030.

Foster diversity, raising awareness and breaking down barriers

Raising awareness, identifying and breaking down barriers. Putting policies and guidelines in place to transform the University of Twente into an even more inclusive place for students, employees, partners and guests. It is our firm conviction that harnessing the potential of diversity brings better education, better research, more personalised services and bigger societal impact. And that - to be able to fully benefit from the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, talents and experiences of our community - we must strive to be a more inclusive university. We have to cherish and support each and everyone to enable all of us to get a strong shared sense of belonging at our university. After all, a sense of belonging is what strengthens and increases the impact of both the personal and the collective efforts.

Urgency to take action

To promote diversity, enhance equity and boost inclusion, much is done and will be done. To properly coordinate, justify and connect these efforts, a dedicated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Team is in place. This team is committed to working together with individuals, teams and professional networks to improve and support a diverse, open, vibrant and socially safe academic community in the years to come. 

In the short video below, students and employees share their views on diversity, equity and inclusion. They explain why the need to take action is urgent and which barriers we jointly have to break down.

Enhancing a sense of belonging

Let's make sure we all benefit from the proven power of diversity. We want to create that shared sense of belonging. Together we strive to diversify and strengthen our community, by creating and cultivating a safe and vibrant working and learning environment. We make our community flourish by embracing, challenging and cherishing our differences. Collaboration is vital to the success in our joint mission to ensure all of us share a strong sense of belonging at UT. We invite you to learn more about the networks, teams, individuals and partners committed to contributing to UT's ambition to cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion - at the university and beyond.