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Share your proposal for a more inclusive UT!

Do you have an innovative idea for how to strengthen and secure diversity and inclusion amongst the community, including its employees in our organisation? Then the UT Incentive fund is now open for your proposal until 11 June.

The UT Incentive Fund is a fund that encourages bottom-up ideas valuing and respecting diversity and promoting inclusion at our University. If you have such an idea, please share your proposal by 11 June 2021 and have a chance to win a grant from this fund to realise your proposal.

The available budget is € 45.000 and the maximum for an individual application is € 10.000. Your proposal will be assessed by the UT Ambassadors’ Network. and money will be granted to proposals that translate ideas into activities, studies or projects that could produce a sustainable impact and help the UT be a more inclusive organisation.

More information

For more information and registration please visit the Incentive Fund webpage. A proposal must be submitted before 11 June to Mette Strubbe. For questions please contact Mette Strubbe, HR Policy advisor and secretary ambassadors network a.i.