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Shaping Individuals and Teams


What steps do we need to take to be the university where everyone feels recognized and rewarded? What is the unique UT-way of working for staff and students that connect us all and give us wings to soar, that makes us proud to be part of the People-First University of Technology? Our dream is to recognize everybody's talent and stimulates personal talent development, to connect us, to distinguish ourselves as individuals, and color our roles in teams, and to enable continuous improvement across all fields of work.

Together with you, we want to make our science and education better, our services healthier, our careers and opportunities boundaryless, and make our impact on society sustainable.

“From the bottom of my heart, I believe, that developing yourself should be part of someone’s attitude towards life”


Motivated by the principles and ambitions of Shaping 2030, we support the University of Twente in developing its people-first strategy through continuous dialogue in flourishing inclusion and diversity in education, research, valorization, and leadership, on the road towards Open Science. We strive to create cohesion between ongoing projects and take advantage of our organizational flexibility, teamwork, and an integral approach towards academic and support staff.


We all have opinions and ideas about how to work better, and how managers should manage. But this is not just about managers, it’s about all of us. That's why we've written a Manifesto, as a commitment to recognize everybody's talent. As an individual and team. In our Manifesto, you will find the UT unique way of working, 10 guiding principles for recognition and rewards, explaining how we are going to realise our ambition, what our goals are for the coming year, and how we are going to achieve them.


  • to include and engage the rich diversity of students, staff (scientists and non-scientists), faculties, administrators, alumni, and community members in the overall success of the University of Twente
  • to find a balance between an individual and a team
  • to recognize: extra rol (proactive) behavior, leadership, innovative work behavior, talent work behavior, talent and talenting, contribution to Shaping 2030 and contributing to team performance
  • to promote talent development for all members of UT.

We view UT talent as…

  • Broad: characteristics that match a person’s natural aptitude, – each set is unique and valuable
  • Developable: the level of a ‘natural characteristic’ now that is open for development
  • Adaptable: the expressed ‘natural characteristics’ can shift over time and conditions
  • Enhancing the individual & team: the expressed ‘natural characteristics’ benefit the organisation as well as the individual
  • Competition nested: innate abilities of UT academics are expressed in a field that comprises of (fierce) global competition


Shaping 2030 is about shaping the aims, ambitions, and impact of the University of Twente. But more than anything, it’s people-first: shaping individuals and teams, and the entire UT. We’re in it together, as employees, researchers, teachers, students, and as teams.

That's why we value having a dialogue with each other, inspiring each other, and sharing experiences and successes. Therefore, we organize inspiration sessions (more info will follow) and invite you and your team to one of our Round-Tables. Would you like to get into the dialogue and share your inspiration with us? Let us know.