White paper on the future of internationalisation

In January 2021, we launched a project to bring all the international dimensions of the UT together in one comprehensive document and present an actual, integrated view on internationalisation at the UT founded on the achievements under Vision2020 and the internationalisation vision ‘2020: Educating the Global Citizen’.

Stakeholder sessions with over 80 people from the UT were a significant source of input and information as well. The resulting white paper, “International Dimensions of the UT”, was discussed with the University Council and received positive advice during the last Council meeting.

The white paper is not considered a ‘new’ internationalisation vision as it combines and builds upon existing vision, strategy and policy documents. However, the way all these elements and dimensions are brought together and presented is new. Because of its integrated approach, the white paper is part of the main policy framework of the UT for the coming decade under the umbrella of Shaping2030. The final and approved version of the white paper can be downloaded here (login required).

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