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International Students Sports Day 2022 on UT campus

On Saturday 2 April 2022, ITC will host the 2022 edition of the International Students Sports Day. This day has been organized by a different International Educational Institute each year. ISS The Hague, Unesco IHE-Delft and IHS Rotterdam all preceded ITC. All sports activities will take place at the Sports Centre on the unique campus of the University of Twente.

Sports and social activities 2022

Several activities will be organized including indoor soccer and basketball but also chess and darts. Over five hundred students, from more than sixty different countries, will be competing against each other during these various activities at the UT campus. The day ends with a dinner, an award ceremony, and a closing party, which will be held at the Faculty of ITC building.

International Students Sports Day

The International Student Sports Day has been organized since 1980. Originally, the event was exclusively by and for the Institutes of International Education. However, in recent years the number of international students enrolled at Higher Educational Institutions has increased substantially. More international educational institutes are highly encouraged to join the International Students Sports Day, aiming to have more students meet, engage, compete and overall share the experience of the international community.

Registration for individuals is not possible, participation is organised per institute, college or university/faculty. For more information about participating as an institute, hogeschool or university/faculty, please send an email to IESD-ITC@utwente.nl.