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For a complete overview of our sports, you can check our Full sports overview here

The University of Twente has welcomed and embraced a diversity of sports over the years. As a result, we currently have almost forty different sports clubs! From wall climbing to survival, from soccer to water polo, there is a variety of different sports to choose from. As a member of a sports club or as an individual athlete you can make use of the many sports fields located on Campus. 
For individual sporters we have a fitness centre with a lot of options and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. We have a variety of grouplessons and courses. The schedule can be found here. Sign up for the mailinglist to get updated when a grouplesson is cancelled. It's even possible for children to follow swimmingclasses at our UT swimmingschool

The Sport Centre has a number of sports halls, a large gym, a dojo and an indoor pool. On campus there is a running track, an outdoor pool with water heated by solar energy, a variety of different sports fields and even an outdoor climbing wall. Just off campus, next to the Twente Canal, there is a water sports complex, where you can go for rowing, sailing or canoeing.

The Sports Centre at the University of Twente offers sports and sports facilities to students with an UnionCard and employees and other customers with a CampusCard. You can activate them on our Sports and Culture website or in our app: Sports and Culture Utwente

The Sports Centre is open every day and during the day there is plenty of time to sport. If you want more information about our opening hours you can check them here

Do you have some specific questions? You can always ask our Servicedesk for help!