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Sylvia Butzke appointed as chair of the Supervisory Board of the University of Twente

As of 1 August 2021, Sylvia Butzke is appointed as chair of the University of Twente’s Supervisory Board by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science. She has been a member of the Supervisory Board since 1 November 2020. Sylvia Butzke succeeds Anton Schaaf, who has worked to further the university’s interests for years: as a member of the Supervisory Board from 2012 and as chair since 1 April 2015. Anton Schaaf, whose term as chair now comes to a close, looks back fondly on his time at the University of Twente: “It has been a pleasure and a privilege to ‘guide’ the university through its developments over the past nine years. During my time on the Supervisory Board, the university has undergone significant changes for the better: successfully implementing the Twente educational model, positioning itself effectively in the Dutch university landscape and adopting a more open and transparent way of working. The new composition of the Executive Board from September will ensure that the university is well equipped to meet the strategic challenges of Shaping2030.”

Sylvia Butzke had this to say about her appointment: “I look forward to advising and assisting the University of Twente in this new role. Our slogan – High Tech, Human Touch – is now more relevant than ever. In the years ahead, our challenge will be to deliver on this promise even more effectively through Shaping2030. An exciting journey lies ahead, a chance to make our university an even more impressive and impactful organisation.” 

Sylvia Butzke’s position as member of the Supervisory Board has been filled by Jeroen de Haas, who will also start in his new role on 1 August. De Haas has an extensive track record and is currently non-executive chairman of Groendus, working to establish a new sustainable energy company for the business market. His previous positions include Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENECO Holding NV until mid-2018 and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENECO Energie until 2006. De Haas also holds a variety of other positions. In addition to his membership of various Supervisory Boards, he is also chair of the Supervisory Board at Royal Wagenborg and the Physical Environment Consultative Council (OFL).

Jeroen is looking forward to his new position: "I will enjoy contributing to the growth and success of the university. Through my practical involvement in the energy transition, I experience first-hand the essential part that the university – its students, graduates and academic staff – plays in creating a sustainable energy system."

drs. B.G. Lankhaar (Bertyl)
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