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Hardware pick-up procedure LISA

As of Monday September 7th, employees can, by appointment only, pick up the hardware via the following LISA locations:

  • Zilverling,
  • Horst tower 3rd floor,
  • ITC,
  • and Citadel pick up counter. 

The locations for picking up hardware are open on weekdays from 10.00 - 12.00 hrs. and from 13.00 - 15.00 hrs. Please, email the Service Desk ICT to contact the LISA locations.

For students, please go to the NSC hardware pick up point.

Citadel pick up counter
If you have ordered hardware through the self-service portal, and you would like to come to pick it up, at the pick up counter at Citadel building. We have created on the right side of our normal entrance a separate takeaway counter (recognizable by a poster with information) for this purpose.

Please announce yourself 15 minutes beforehand by calling the Service Desk ICT on 053 489 5577. We will find the right order for you and come to help you at the pick up counter.  

If picking up hardware, we need the following information:

  • Order number or the pick up notice of the order.
  • Your last name and m-number information.
  • Valid Proof of identification (passport/driver’s license/employee card).

Due to half of our team working at home, we're having a lower capacity in the Citadel building.

It may take a bit longer than you're used to, before we can help you. We kindly ask for your patience.