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Campus University of Twente smoke-free as of today

As of today, Monday 30 March 2020, the entire campus of the University of Twente, not including the residential area, is smoke-free. In this way, the university will contribute to the health and to sustainable employability of its students and staff and offer them a healthy learning and working environment.

Existing facilities, such as smoking shelters and ashtrays will be removed throughout the campus and clear signs and new green lines will be placed. Enforcement is based on the existing code of conduct and house rules, that provide sufficient guidance for students and staff to address each other respectfully on undesirable behaviour.

Help and guidance for staff and students

The UT supports its staff and students who want to stop smoking. We therefore offer help and guidance that can help intentions to stop smoking come true. In the run-up to 30 March, employees have already been able to register for various group trainings. Unfortunately, these group trainings cannot take place until 1 June due to the national measures regarding the corona virus. Participants have been personally informed and new dates are planned for after the summer. Employees who want a helping hand can still register for a group training via

Towards a smoke-free generation in 2040

By making the campus smoke-free, UT is implementing the new Tobacco and Smoke Products Act, which will no longer allow smoking in areas of educational institutions as of 1-1-2020 and which will be enforced as of 1-8-2020. It also fits in well with the increased technical-medical signature of the university and supports the goal of the National Prevention Agreement of November 2018 in which the government aims for healthier Netherlands, , where children and young adults grow up smoke-free and are no longer tempted to start smoking, with the goal of having a smoke-free generation by 2040.

‘To see someone smoke, makes someone smoke’. This has become evident from support research carried out by the BMS faculty of the University of Twente. It shows that many students do not start smoking until their student life on campus starts. By making the campus smoke-free, UT wants to contribute to a smoke-free generation in 2040.

More information about our smoke-free campus and help and guidance if you want to stop smoking can be found here.