Smoke-free campus

The University of Twente is committed to the health and sustainable employability of its students and staff and wants to offer them a healthy learning and working environment. Therefore, the entire campus of the UT, excluding the residential area, is smoke-free. 

This measure fits in with the increased technical-medical character of the UT and it is supported by the new Tobacco and Smoking Products Act, which prohibits smoking on the premises of educational institutions. By making the campus area smoke-free, the University of Twente supports the objective of the National Prevention Agreement (Nov. 2018), in which the government commits to improving health in The Netherlands, aiming for a non-smoking generation in 2040, when children and young adults will grow up in a non-smoking environment in which they are no longer tempted to start smoking. The UT wants to contribute to the objective of a non-smoking generation and is, therefore, a partner of the Netherlands Smoke-Free Alliance.



A smoke-free campus has major implications for students and employees who smoke. UT offers help and guidance programmes to help people give up smoking. Existing facilities such as smoke shelters and ashtrays are removed from the entire campus, and there are clear signs and demarcation lines. Enforcement will be based on the existing code of conduct and internal regulations, which offer sufficient means for students and staff to, respectfully, point out undesirable behavior.