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Help and guidance programmes

The University of Twente is involved in the health and the sustainable employability of its students and staff. That is why we support staff and students who want to stop smoking. We focus on providing information and offer various group programmes.

Do you intend to quit smoking? Then take a look at the group help and guidance programmes below for UT employees. Of course, these programmes are reimbursed by the UT.

Allen Carr’s Easyway – by BewegenWerkt!

During Allen Carr's Easyway training, you will learn to stop smoking in just six hours (online). It is a quick and pleasant way to stop smoking.

The Allen Carr method does not address the health reasons to quit smoking. After all, you know them. All the reasons why you smoke will be examined during the training. You will learn to see through your own smoking behaviour, which makes quitting smoking an obvious course of action. Quitting is therefore no longer a battle of willpower. Your perspective changes: instead of regretting not being allowed to smoke anymore, you will be happy that you don't have to smoke anymore!

Why choose the Allen Carr training?

  1. No prior motivation is required: unlike other ways to quit smoking, the Allen Carr method does not rely on willpower. The motivation arises during the training.
  2. The short duration: the training lasts only six hours. The training is offered online.
  3. The trainers: the trainers of Allen Carr's Easyway are former smokers themselves.


Duration of the training:            
one-time (online) training of 6 hours, plus a year of telephone support – if so desired – after the training.  

the training will be given in English if there are English speaking colleagues participating in it.

More information?
For more information, visit the website of BewegenWerkt!

Long-term top coaching - Tactus will guide you for 10 weeks!

This physical training of Tactus can currently not be followed due to COVID-19 measures. More information will follow.   

Why choose to stop with the help of Tactus?

Smoking is addictive. Your body gets used to a certain amount of nicotine and to the habit of smoking. For example, in the morning when drinking coffee, during breaks, after dinner or with friends in the pub or on a terrace. These situations repeatedly make you feel like smoking. Quitting smoking often is the most difficult in the beginning. After three months, this difficult period will be over. That is why Tactus supports you during this difficult period. They do this with knowledge and experience during weekly meetings. Together with the group and Tactus, you will manage to quit!

What does the training look like?

In the training, a personalised plan will be made to stop: for example, do you want to stop whilst using aids (such as medication or nicotine gum) or not? After the third meeting, you will actually quit smoking. During the training there will be attention for various topics, such as: dealing with tempting situations, the feeling of absence not lasting forever, looking for distractions and what to do in the future.

One month after the tenth meeting, the group will meet again to discuss the following topics and to share experiences with each other:

  • How are things going?
  • What did you get out of your attempt to quit?
  • What requires your attention and how are you going to keep it up?


Duration of the training:             
10 meetings of 75 minutes (one meeting per week), plus a return meeting by BewegenWerkt one month after the tenth meeting. After the training sessions it is possible to receive telephone support.                                        

Dutch or English

More information?
For more information, visit the website of Tactus 

Quitting with the help of the 'Stopmaatje' app

The 'Stopmaatje' app helps you to stop smoking and to make keeping it up easier. Based on your personal preferences and individual needs, you can set achievable goals. Based on these preferences and goals, the app will be set up as efficiently as possible for you. You will get help at difficult moments, receive tips and have the opportunity to chat with other quitters

The app was developed by Saxion, Tactus ‘Verslavingszorg’, Medisch Spectrum Twente and the UT based on scientific research. Download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play store.


Share your opinion, tips or questions and get to know other UT'ers who want to stop smoking!

individual guidance

The UT offers various help- and guidance programmes for employees. Would you prefer to stop on the basis of individual guidance or are you a student with stop intentions? Then the general practitioner or your health insurance may be able to help you. The 'stop-poli’ of MST also offers help. For more information visit the website of MST, contact the general practitioner's on the Campus or your own general practitioner/health insurance. Of course you can also use the app 'Stopmaatje’ as described above.