CuriousU 2017: 13 - 23 August

The third edition of the University of Twente’s CuriousU event will commence on Sunday 13 August. The summer school is set up like a festival and offers visitors a truly unique experience with a programme that includes music, academic courses, great food, inspiring lectures, sports activities and theatre. The language of tuition at the summer school is English. CuriousU 2017 will end on 23 August.

This year, extra courses have been added to the festival schedule and we are also expecting a record number of visitors: approximately 300. The programme will include more labs and more University of Twente spin-off companies than previous editions. Last year, 260 visitors from 40 countries came to the University of Twente campus for the festival.

Academic courses

CuriousU offers academic courses, including: Design the Future, Earth Observation & GIS for Engineering and Security, Health and Happiness and Serious Gaming.

The fastest hacker gets a free ticket to CuriousU

The organization wanted to challenge potential CuriousU attendees to win a free ticket to CuriousU by thinking like a hacker and gaining access to a password-protected discount code. Thomas Nijboer was the first one to succeed.