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University Job Classification (UFO)

Your job profile, the level of your position and your salary scale are determined in observance of the rules of the 'University Job Classification' (UFO) system. This system contains job profiles of academic support positions. The differentiating factors coupled with the profiles illustrate the difference in job grade between positions. At the same time this leads to better insight into career paths, both horizontally and vertically.

An explanation of the UFO system, the steps of the classification process and information on which legal rules apply can be found in the UFO Manual.

The classification tool (intranet) is the national tool used to search for UFO profiles within the UFO system. The dean or department director determines the classification of your job profile.

You can view your own job classification through the MY-UFO web application to view the classification of your position.

If you feel that your job classification is no longer fitting, you can submit an application for reclassification with the manager of the unit where you work. The University Job Classification Regulations University of Twente describes the decision-making process surrounding a University Job Classification, the options available to make your viewpoints known and how to submit a formal objection against a UFO classification decree.