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What to do if you have financial problems?

What to do if you have an occasional financial problem?

Advances may solve a financial problem in the short term. An advance is however only effective if a small debt is involved. A guiding principle in this context is that the financial problem can be solved within three months. An advance will only be provided under certain conditions:

  • An extreme situation has to be involved, i.e. the last possibility to solve an occasional problem in the short term;
  • You must be willing to talk to a social worker from HCC. They will assess whether such an extreme situation is involved and whether giving an advance will be the right solution for it;
  • The non-recurring advance may not exceed €2,500.00 and can be deducted from the holiday allowance and/or year-end bonus;
  • The social worker puts a request to the head of the salary administration to pay out the advance.

What to do if you have a structural financial problem?

In these kinds of situations the social worker will analyse your situation together with you.

For further support in solving the problems, the social worker may refer you to, for example, budget coach Menzis, Nibud, the municipal money-lending and debt counselling institution (Stadskredietbank), etc.

The social worker will handle all your information confidentially. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact social work and ask for help.