You may be eligible for an overtime allowance if you are a member of the administrative and support staff and if your job is classified under salary scale 10 or lower. Your manager may occasionally authorize you to work overtime in connection with specific assignments. Overtime is considered any pre-authorized work performed during a given work period that exceeds your contractually agreed working hours with the UT. A working period is generally understood to mean one week. For staff of the Security Service and Catering departments, a working period equals four weeks. No overtime allowance is granted if you work overtime for less than half an hour directly after your daily shift.

The overtime allowance consists of extra leave equal to the duration of the overtime worked, with a surcharge of:

  • 25% for overtime hours worked on Mondays to Fridays between 07:00 and 18:00;
  • 50% for overtime hours worked on Mondays to Fridays before 07:00 or after 18:00 and for the hours worked on Saturdays between 00:00 and 16:00;
  • 100% for overtime hours worked on Saturdays after 16:00 and overtime hours worked on Sundays or public holidays.

Instead of giving you extra leave, your faculty or unit may decide to grant the allowance as a sum of money. In such a case, you should claim the overtime allowance via the 'Overtime registration' web application. You can find this web application under 'My UT applications’.