A one-off bonus is a supplementary financial reward which is normally only granted once. The UT applies the following one-off bonuses:

Anniversary years in service

In the Netherlands, people who have been in government service for 25 or 40 years are entitled to a one-off bonus. At the University of Twente, staff who have been employed for 12.5 years also receive something special. The University of Twente celebrates 25 years of service by awarding a silver lapel pin and a certificate. For the exact sums of money or gift(s) and the possibilities of a reception and/or extra leave for specific anniversaries,  refer to the UT Anniversary Scheme.

General one-off bonus

You may be granted a one-off bonus on the grounds of extraordinary commitment, extraordinary service, special achievements or any other state of excellence. The faculty or unit concerned is free to decide on the sum of money to be awarded.