You may be eligible for a bonus for temporary substitution if you are temporarily working, part-time or full-time, in a position for which a higher maximum salary is granted. The substitution period lasts at least thirty calendar days. The faculty of unit will decide on the matter.

The amount of the bonus corresponds to the difference between your salary and the salary you would receive if you were to perform the duties under the higher position permanently. With regards to the salary of the substitutional position, the step of the first following higher salary (in comparison to your own salary) in the higher scale is taken as starting point.

When deciding on the amount of the bonus to be granted, a distinction is made between full-time, part-time and limited temporary substitution: 

  • full-time temporary substitution means that, instead of performing your own job, you fully take over the job classified under a higher scale and all the responsibilities that come with it;
  • with part-time temporary substitution, the amount of the bonus is determined based on the nature and scope of the substitutional activities and accompanying responsibilities.
  • no bonus for temporary substitution is granted for limited substitution. Limited substitution is considered to be substitution less than 8 hours a week or if the substitutional activities and accompanying responsibilities are not of a higher level than your own position.

Article 6 Bonus and Allowance Scheme University of Twente