See Allowances

Work performed outside of standard working hours

You are entitled to an allowance for work performed outside of standard working hours (allowance for work at unsociable hours) if you are ordered to do work during the times listed below and this does not count as overtime. It is up to the faculty or unit to decide whether or not you are eligible. 

You are not allowed allowance for work at unsociable hours if your job is classified under a job profile which is part of the Education and Research job family or if you are granted salary scale 11 or higher.

The extra allowance per hour worked equals a percentage of your hourly wage. The percentage depends on the day and the exact time worked:

  • Monday through Friday between 00:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs and between 20:00 hrs and 00:00 hrs = 40%
  • Saturday = 40%
  • Sunday and public holidays = 75%

If you entered into employment with the UT after 1 April 1997, a decision may be made to renounce the allowance, but only if the working hours are fixed and fall within company hours.

Article 10 - 11 Bonus and Allowance Scheme University of Twente