The UT has an emergency assistance organization (BHV). Every building has its own BHV team. In case of emergency (fire, accidents, the release of dangerous substances, explosions), these teams try to limit the negative consequences for those in the building as much as possible. Helping out in life-saving, yet not threatening, situations is also one of the responsibilities of BHV staff. The BHV teams act as a first response unit: they act from the moment the emergency arises up to the moment the professional emergency assistance arrives to take over. Being a member of a BHV team is not without obligation. Staff who are a BHV member have to follow courses, attend refresher classes, complete the corresponding assignments and have to maintain good physical condition. They also need to take on duties once or twice a year during UT-wide evening or weekend activities. These obligations are rewarded with an allowance.

Article 8 Bonus and Allowance Scheme University of Twente