The accrual and taking up of regular (holiday) leave has been laid down in the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities (CAO-NU). In addition, the collective labour agreement contains provisions on public holiday leave and on a few special forms of leave that have their basis in the Work and Care Act. This concerns, for example, maternity leave, adoption leave, parental leave, personal leave and emergency leave.

How the UT implements the leave provisions of the Collective Labour Agreement of Dutch Universities has been determined in the University of Twente Leave Regulations. The UT has a separate regulation for educational leave and study leave.

Holiday leave, emergency leave and leave in case of family events or relocationare all requested digitally through the 'Application for leave' web application. You can find this web application under 'My UT applications'.

Leave in case of family events or relocation is registered as special leave in the web application.

In order to request parental leave you can download a form that your manager will then need to sign. You need to submit this form to the Human Resources department of the faculty or unit.

All other forms of leave are to be submitted as a verbal or written request to your manager.