See Commuting travel and accommodation

Temporary accommodation outside your place of residence

You might be eligible for a temporary accommodation allowance if you meet the following conditions:

  • at the time of your employment, you do not live within a 25km radius of the location where you carry out your main duties;
  • you are unable to commute to work on a daily basis due to the travel distance/time;
  • you have a temporary employment contract or your new employment contract is in addition to a primary employment elsewhere.

UT defines temporary accommodation as lodging in a town or city other than your main place of residence that is within a 25km radius of the place where you carry out your work. Your unit will decide if you are eligible for an allowance.

The actual costs incurred for temporary accommodation will be reimbursed, up to a maximum of €300 a month. Employees using the 30% scheme are not entitled to use this option.

You can submit your statement of expenses via "My Claims" in MyHR/Afas.  Make sure to include proof of the costs incurred. Please note that the statements of expenses must be submitted within six months. If you do not submit your statements of expenses within this period, you will not receive an allowance for those expenses.

The allowance is paid by payroll administration. After two years, the allowance will be paid gross. This has to do with the fact that the allowance is subject to wage levy after two years.

If you receive a temporary accommodation allowance, you are also entitled to a travel allowance to pay for travel to your place of residence once a week. UT employees living in the Netherlands must use the NS-Business Card (second class) for this commute. If you live abroad or if you use public transportation services other than NS, you can submit your tickets or a statement of expenses for a kilometre allowance (of € 0.19 per kilometre) via "My Claims" in MyHR/Afas. You will receive an allowance of up to a maximum of €400 a month for these travel costs.