Commuting travel and accommodation

Temporary accommodation outside your place of residence

If you live at least thirty kilometres away from your workplace at the start of your employment with the UT, and it is impossible for you to make the commute on a daily basis upon commencement of employment, you could be eligible for an expense allowance for accommodation outside of your place of residence. It is considered accommodation outside of your place of residence if you retain your home in your place of residence while additionally staying in a guest house or lodging within thirty kilometres of your workplace. Your faculty or unit determines whether you're eligible for an allowance.

Your faculty or unit can give you an allowance for accommodation outside of your place of residence for a maximum of two years. If you have had multiple subsequent temporary employment contracts with the UT, each for a period shorter than two years but combined for a period of longer than two years, the faculty or unit can extend this period to a maximum of five years. The allowance comprises 75% of the weekly costs, with a maximum of €227.00 per month.

You can declare the allowance through the 'Expense statement for boarding costs' web application. You can find this web application under 'My UT applications'. To declare the allowance, provide the proof of the expenses of the guest house or lodging.

The salary administration will then pay the allowance. After two years, the allowance will be paid as a gross amount. This is due to the fact that the allowance is subject to wage levy after two years.

If you are receiving an expense allowance for accommodation outside of your place of residence, you also have a weekly right to a public transport ticket in order to travel to your place of residence. It might not be possible to travel the entire distance by public transport. If that is the case, you will receive an allowance of €0.19 per kilometre for the remaining distance. If your place of residence is not in the Netherlands, the faculty or unit will determine the amount and frequency of the travel expenses allowance for visiting home or family.