Commuting travel and accommodation

Regulation on allowances for moving expenses, accommodation outside of place of residence and commuting travel

Compulsory relocation

If you enter into employment with the UT, you are not subject to compulsory relocation in principle. The faculty or unit can only impose compulsory relocation if it is necessary that you move to the work location for the performance of your job. The work location is the area within a thirty-kilometre radius of your regular workplace. If the faculty or unit has imposed compulsory relocation on you, you are required to do everything within reason to relocate as soon as possible. If you are making a sufficient effort, you will be entitled to an expense allowance for accommodation outside of the place of residence in anticipation of the relocation.

Allowance for relocation expenses

You are eligible for an allowance for relocation expenses if you meet all of the requirements below:

  • You are living outside the work location at the time of employment.
  • You have been employed by the UT for at least two years, or it has been established that your employment will last for another two years or longer.
  • You relocate to a residence within the work location area within two years after commencing employment.
  • The travelling distance between your home address and your regular workplace will be shortened by at least half.
  • The allowance comprises 12% of the gross annual salary that you're earning on the day of your relocation, including the holiday bonus. The allowance comprises a maximum of €5,445.00.
  • If you are moving to the work location area from outside the Netherlands, the faculty or unit can grant an extra allowance for special expenses in direct correlation with your relocation.
  • Staff members who are each other's partners both have a right to 50% of the allowance. The allowance is calculated on the basis of the highest gross monthly salary.
  • If you and your partner are already receiving a different allowance for the same relocation, the UT will only pay the difference between this allowance and the allowance to which you would have been entitled to on the basis of the UT scheme.
  • The allowance for relocation expenses is tax-exempt if the travelling distance between your new home and your regular workplace is less than 20 kilometres. In all other cases, the UT is obliged to deduct taxes and the national insurance contribution from the allowance.

Leave due to relocation

You are entitled to two extra days leave if you are moving to the work location because you are entering into employment with the UT, or if you have to relocate because you are being transferred to a different work location. In case of a transfer, you will receive a maximum of an additional two days leave to look for a different home.

Work location

The work location is the area within a thirty-kilometre radius of your regular workplace. For most of the staff, this is the campus. The work location then consists of at least the following places of residence:


  • Agelo
  • Albergen
  • Almelo


  • Bentelo
  • Beuningen
  • Borne
  • Bornebroek


  • Delden (Ambt)
  • Denekamp
  • Deurningen


  • Eibergen
  • Enschede


  • Fleringen


  • Glane
  • Glanerbrug


  • Haaksbergen
  • Haarle
  • Haarlo
  • Hengelo
  • Hengevelde
  • Hertme
  • Hezinga


  • Losser
  • De Lutte


  • Mander


  • Neede
  • Nutter


  • Oldenzaal
  • Ootmarsum (oud)
  • Overdinkel


  • Rekken
  • Reutum
  • Rietmolen
  • Rossum


  • Saasveld


  • Tilligte
  • Tubbergen


  • Vasse


  • Weerselo


  • Zenderen