Relocation allowance

You are eligible for a relocation allowance if you meet the following conditions:

  • At the time of employment, you must live outside the area defined by the UT as your place of work. This is an area within a 25km radius of the place where you perform the majority of your work duties.
  • Within two years of being appointed, you must move to an address within your work location.
  • By moving, you must reduce the distance between your home and your workplace by at least 60%.

The allowance amounts to €3,500. If you are moving to your work location from abroad, you are also entitled to a reimbursement of the one-way ticket(s) to the Netherlands for yourself and your closest family members (spouse/child) (a return ticket is also permitted, provided the price is equal to or cheaper then a one-way ticket).

If you and your partner will both be working at UT, only one of you is allowed to request a relocation allowance This relocation allowance is paid tax-free, if at the time of payment the UT is permitted to pay the net amount under applicable fiscal rules. In all other cases, the UT must deduct wage levy from the allowance. If you meet the conditions to qualify for a relocation allowance you can apply for the allowance via "my claims" in myHR/AFAS.

Relocation leave

You are entitled to two extra days’ leave if you are moving to your new work location because you are commencing employment at UT, or if you are relocating as a result of having been transferred to a new work location. In the latter case, you will receive an additional two days’ leave to look for a new home.