Do you have a temporary employment at UT and are you living outside your work location area at the start of your employment? If this is the case, and if you are travelling to and from work using public transportation, you are eligible for a travel allowance. Your work location is the area within a 25km radius of the place where you perform the majority of your work-related duties (the UT campus). You can only request a kilometre allowance for travelling to and from work by car if travelling by public transportation is wholly impractical.

UT employees must use the NS-Business Card (second class) for their daily commute. This personal NS-Business Card is issued by UT, and is also used for official trips within the Netherlands. Your allowance will be based on your address at the start of your appointment at UT. If you move to a new address closer to your work location at a later date, your allowance will decrease. Your allowance will cease if your new address is located within a 25-km radius of your workplace. If you move to an address further away from your work location, your allowance will not increase.

If a yearly public transportation subscription, an NS yearly subscription or an NS route subscription is the most inexpensive way to pay for your commute, the UT will purchase this subscription for you. You will then receive a personal NS-Business Card linked to your subscription.

If you use other tickets because you live outside of the Netherlands and cannot use the NS-Business Card for your commute, you can submit your statements of expenses using the Expense statement for commuter travel web application. You will find this web application under 'My apps' on the employee portal.

If you have a permanent employment or live within the work location area, you are not eligible for a travel allowance for your daily commute. You might, however, be able to use Optional Model for Employment Conditions to exchange hours of leave or gross salary for a tax-free kilometre allowance. This exchange will give you a tax advantage.