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Twisting life and death

This lecture will be in DUTCH instead of English.

Veritas Forum

Twisting life and death 

Death is a certainty we can’t escape. Our body simply has an expiry date. But if technology permits, a lot of people would like to live longer or even forever. Regardless of the ordeal of medical experts or their loved ones. This Veritas-Forum will be about ethical questions related to health, illness and death. In what ways can we modify our own life and death? Theo Boer and Bert Keizer will give their opinion and discuss with each other and the audience. Prof. Dr. Theo Boer is an ethicist and has an outspoken view on euthanasia. Bert Keizer MA worked as a nursing home physician and wrote books about life and death as well as columns for Trouw. In cooperation with Veritas Forum, Ideefiks, Paradoks, Ockham and Atlantis. 

This lecture will be in Dutch. See Dutch website.



A. Heukels (Anneke)
Supporting Staff