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Opening Academic Year BlendUT. It's time to reconnect

New beginnings: a new academic year, a new normal, a new start. We invite you to join the Opening of the Academic Year (OAY) 2021-2022 on Monday 6 September as of 15:00 hrs for the special show ‘OAY BlendUT. It’s time to reconnect’.


The OAY 'BlendUT. It’s time to reconnect’ is an inspiring hybrid event for and by the UT community, in which we 'blend' traditional OAY components – such as awards and music – with appealing innovations and stories. Hybrid, because the programme is interactive and dynamic, both online and on campus. You can indicate your preference when registering. After the past two years, let’s (re)discover why studying and working at University of Twente is so much fun!


In a talk show setting you will meet the (new) members of the Executive Board, Vinod Subramaniam, Machteld Roos and Tom Veldkamp. Eddy Zoëy, musician, TV and radio producer at BNN and RTL, will be our moderator. You will hear about the personal passions and ideas of the new members. For instance: what does Shaping2030 mean to them? And what innovations do they see in science and education? We will of course also involve our students and employees in this by for instance asking them what teamwork on our living campus means in practice. But also what do we perceive as high-quality when it concerns online education and collaboration. This is how we give substance to our vision: Shaping individuals, shaping connections, shaping society. Every connection has a story!


Just like in the ‘OAY BlendUT. It’s time to reconnect’, we will combine the best of both worlds in the new academic year. How do we move towards a mix of old and new ways of working together? From field labs, teamwork and practical research on our living campus to high-quality online education and collaboration. In short, it's time to reinvent: together we will invent new, better and more beautiful hybrid ways of working (together). But first, it's time to reconnect and celebrate the new Academic Year on Monday 6 September.

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Let us know if you prefer to join online or on campus! Late August, we will definitively confirm invitations, depending on national guidelines related to Covid-19.