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Visit Mindlab and get inspired!

University of Twente, Utrecht University and Productiehuis Plezant created a theatre production that gets at the heart of science.

Mindlab is about working and living within a university. It's a must-see science fiction thriller that challenges you to reflect on what drives you, on what you stand for and on what you want to achieve. And it also inspires you to consider your role and professional life at the university. Are you ready to experience the world of Mindlab?

For all those who give a large part of themselves to university life, with their heart and soul. For all those who would one day like to say: 'It really was worth all the effort.'

Six performances at Vrijhof. Will you be there?

Over the past months, Mindlab has been developed in collaboration with Utrecht University and Productiehuis Plezant - partially based on interviews with employees of Utrecht University (UU) and the University of Twente. Mindlab is for all employees working at the UT.

Photo: Bart Verhoeven

Mindlab fosters conversation about difficult issues and the dilemmas we struggle with in working life at the university. Mindlab premiered on 13 February in the Theaterloods in Radio Kootwijk. The performance will now come to Enschede and will be performed six times in February and March in the Agora of Vrijhof. Do you wish to attend a show? Sign up quickly for one of the performances on this day (free of charge, at 11.00 or 15.00). You can register on (or use the button below). Here you will also find the other performance dates and the story of initiator Prof. Dr. Ellen Giebels, Vice-dean (Research) at the Faculty of BMS. The performances are in Dutch, but each performance features surtitles in English, so anyone can participate in this experience.

After session in Mindlab Café

During the after session in the Mindlab Café (in the foyer) - right after the performance - you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with your colleagues who also attended the performance. We hope to meet you soon at Mindlab!