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35th EMS Summer School 2018 'From Fundamental Concepts Towards Commercialization of Membranes'

The 35th European Membrane Society (EMS) Summer School will be held at the green campus of the University of Twente in the period Sunday 24 - Friday 29 June 2018. The Summer School is organised by the Membrane Science and Technology Cluster. Theme of the Summer School is 'From Fundamental Concepts Towards Commercialization of Membranes'.

Our aim for the Summer School of 2018 is to show the participants not only the broad range of academic research activities of our University in the field of membranes, but make them aware what it takes to translate a fundamental concept into industrial reality. The program consists of five sessions all related to our current and future global challenges (e.g. availability of potable water, energy demand, healthcare) in which membrane technology could have major contributions. Each of these sessions reflects a specific range of membranes or membrane applications in which our academic researchers at the University of Twente are active, ranging from porous membranes to dense membranes, from polymeric to inorganic based membranes, membranes dealing with ion transport and membranes in the medical field (e.g. artificial (bio)organs).

Each session consists of three lectures that are structured in the same way: 

  1. Fundamentals: mass transport, mechanisms, limitations, characterization methods, etc. 
  2. Membranes: materials, properties, formation techniques, type of membranes, configuration.  
  3. In industry: industrial applications with emphasis on the implementation process. 

Besides the various internal speakers from our University, we have invited several interesting speakers from industry who are closely connected to our research cluster. To demonstrate the process of bringing a concept towards a commercial application, we have arranged excursions to companies in the region.

For more information, please visit the EMS summerschool site.