Introduction to academic writing

Improve your academic writing skills!

Are you required to write academic essays and reports in English? Then this course is for you!

The Introduction to Academic Writing course will familiarize you with the key concepts of academic writing. These concepts are essential when writing, structuring and organizing your essays and reports.

During the course, participants will work on one text of their own, from start to end, including planning, drafting, revising, and editing. Support is offered by an experienced writing coach and by peers. The course offers:

  • an awareness of genre and text type;
  • participation in discussions on the writing process;
  • writing sentences, paragraphs, essays and/or reports;
  • peer review and revising;
  • insight into common errors made when writing in English;
  • insight into the mechanics of writing;
  • the language of narrative and reporting, describing processes and interpreting data, providing illustrations, and referring to charts and diagrams.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • organize and structure essays and articles;
  • write cohesive paragraphs by using topic sentences, supporting sentences and concluding sentences;
  • use signalling words to establish connections between sentences and paragraphs;
  • write effective introductions and conclusions;
  • summarize and paraphrase the opinions and ideas of others;
  • argue a point of view by making use of cautious language and generalizations;
  • refer to tables and graphs in texts.

Course details

For this course it´s  necessary to bring your own laptop (in order to prepare the classes and do the writing assignments).

  • Entry level (CEF): B2
  • Attainment level (CEF): not applicable
  • Target group: this course is for students who need to write academic essays or reports in English and who wish to get to know the key concepts of academic writing.
  • Study load: attending every session is essential, and active participation is expected. Homework is compulsory and is expected to take approximately two hours a day. The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 1.5 ECTS.