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Highly skilled refugees

Get support on choosing a study

Are you a recognised refugee with a higher level of education in your country of origin?

You are very welcome to study at the University of Twente (UT). There is financial support available for this purpose. Please read below what the conditions are to receive some of this financial support, handled by UAF. Before you can start studying here, the following programme has to be followed.

Integration of new immigrants

As soon as you have obtained a residence permit, the civic integration programme starts, about which the Education Executive Agency (DUO) will inform you. An integral part of this civic integration programme is learning the Dutch language. 

UAF donation by the University of Twente

The proceeds from a special campaign held by UT staff were donated to the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF). It is used to provide financial support for future UT refugee students like you.

Support provided by the UAF

Once you have started Dutch language lessons on B1 level, an application can be submitted to the UAF. Processing an application may take up to a few months.

The UAF:


Any diplomas you have been able to take with you from your country of origin will be evaluated to see whether you can start with one of our study programmes. You must at least meet the following requirements:

NT2 programmes

UT only offers Dutch language programmes on a higher level. Contact the UT Language Centre for information on these B2 programmes and preparation for the state examination.

The StudieSuccesCentrum of Saxion offers language programmes on all levels: from beginners (CEF A0 level) to state examination II (CEF B2 level).


For any questions regarding admission contact: Student Services.