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UT as educational partner

Science and practice reinforce one another via the exchange of knowledge and skills.

In training professionals, we cooperate as much as possible with the business community. This takes place in various ways, from short courses and in-company training to masterclasses and part-time master programmes, divided over the following fields:

Public management and RisK management

Professional Learning & Development (in Dutch) offers various educational programmes for professionals from both private sector and public sector. Some examples:

In-company training

From our areas of expertise in business and administration, engineering & technology, IT, life sciences & medicine, and natural and social sciences, we put together high-quality in-company training courses. This is always customised so that the training fits in perfectly with the needs of your team and organisation.

Example in-company training courses by Professional Learning & Development Centre:

  • Digital transformation course for 'De Belastingdienst' en 'Achmea'
  • Nedap university: technical academics are trained as software developers

Teacher and lecturer training courses

ELAN (in Dutch) is the UT's Institute for teacher training courses and the development of professional lecturers. ELAN provides:

Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

The faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), with its international orientation, offers a large number of courses, both in Enschede and abroad.

Technical medicine

For alumni of the programmes in Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine, as well as those for other medical specialists, nurses and other medical professionals, UT offers postgraduate courses on the cutting edge of medicine and technology. For more information see the TechMed Academy pages.

Chemistry and engineering sciences

Are you involved in extrusion in the plastics processing industry or the rubber industry as an engineer? Or are you employed as product developer, process engineer, company manager, quality controller or head of technical services? In that case you are welcome to come to the UT for a short course in Extrusion (in Dutch). Furthermore, there are short courses in the field Rubber technology, and a course in Process technology (in Dutch) offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology.

EngD: engineering Doctorate

An EngD could also be an attractive proposition for your company: Engineering Doctorate. This is a multidisciplinary designer who spends two years at the university following a post-master's course and works as a trainee on a concrete task formulated by a company. This may be an interesting option if your organisation is faced with a challenging design problem or wants to solve a technical problem.

Academic training in IT

The impact of software on our society is increasing, as is the demand for highly skilled professionals in this field. UT offers your company the possibility to retrain your Msc employees who have no background in IT to become software developers within 18 months. This retraining course is facilitated by the Bachelor's in Technical Computer Science.

DesignLab Academy: co-shape the future you want to live in

In this time of transition, making strategic decisions that contribute to positive changes in the world around us is essential. At DesignLab Academy, you can count on a collaborative and energising learning experience that leaves a lasting impression and transforms you into an innovator with purpose. Our creative and interactive workshops and masterclasses are packed with inspiration and practical tools. Using the Responsible Futuring approach, you'll learn skills to not only tackle today's challenges but also shape desirable and responsible futures.