University of Twente excellence programmes

Our honours programmes have a destinctive profile: they are both High Tech and Human Touch. In other words, technique is combined with social sciences. As a student you can develop in one of three roles as a designer, organisor or researcher. The honours programmes stimulate an entrepreneurial attitude with respect towards society and nature.


Students can participate in tracks which are broadening as well as in deepening bachelor related programmes. The Bachelor Honours Programme is mainly broadening, since subjects outside one’s normal study programme will be taught. The STAR-programme is an example of a programme in which subjects of one’s own study programme are taught more in depth. The bachelor Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) is an in depth programme which also lays an emphasis on broadening your field of interest. Within all honours programmes students have the possibility to execute their own projects.


For these challenging honours programmes, students will be selected who are talented, entrepreneurial and motivated. Also students who want to explore somewhat outside their usual discipline and who want to appeal to their creativity somewhat more are invited to apply.


Most (current, past and future) honours students of the University of Twente are united in the study association Ockham. More information about H.V. Ockham can be found here.