Honours @ UT

The honours programmes at the UT have a distinctive profile: they are both High Tech and Human Touch. In other words, technology is combined with social sciences. As a student you can develop yourself in one of three roles: as a designer, organizer, or researcher. The honours programmes stimulate an entrepreneurial attitude with respect towards society and nature.


For these challenging honours programmes, students who are talented, entrepreneurial, and motivated, as well as students who want to explore outside their usual discipline and who want to appeal more to their creativity will be selected . 


The Univeristy of Twente offers an Honours programme for VWO students. The students follow three modules of academic training, using the themes philosophy of science, scientific methods and academic writing. In addition to this, the honours students choose two masterclasses out of the masterclasses the UT has to offer. More information can be found on the Pre-U website.


During your bachelor phase, the University of Twente has four kinds of Honours programmes you can follow. These are the Bachelor Honours Programme, the STAR-prgrammes, the plus programmes, and the ATLAS programme.

Bachelor Honours programme

The Bachelor Honours Programme is the extracurricular, broadening multidisciplinairy Honours programme. This programme consists of 30 EC's spread out over one and a half year. The programme consists of five tracks, each following their own path for students to develop themselves. More information on the different tracks can be found on their webpage.


The bachelor Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) is an in-depth fulltime Bachelor programme which lays an emphasis on broadening your field of interest. More information about the ATLAS programme can be found on the programme's website.


STAR-programmes are intercurricular deepening Honours programmes, organised by the European Public Administration, International Business Administration, and Industrial Design bachelor programmes. These programmes are aimed to challenge the top 10% of these studies by providing a more challenging STAR project for a module. More information on the different STAR projects can be found on their webpage.

Plus programmes

The plus programmes are extracurricular deepening Honours programmes, organised by the Advanced Technology and Applied Physics bachelor programmes in cooperation with the nanobiology and biophysics research groups. These programmes provide additional challenge and insights in current developments within the research fields of these studies through extra courses worth 30-32 EC. More information can be found on their webpage.


The University of Twente offers three master Honours Programmes: Change Leaders, Design Honours, and Research Honours. The programmes start every year and are open for all study programmes. As a result, the honours classroom consists of an interdisciplinary group of excellent students.

Change leaders track

The Master Honours Programme Change Leaders focuses on developing one’s personal leadership skills during the execution of projects. This unique programme focuses on developing one’s personal leadership skills during the execution of projects. Examples of projects are: organizing an event as a board member of an association; starting your own business or initiating a project, but also an internship or MSc thesis project qualifies potentially as a change project in which your leadership skills will be honed by this programme.

design track

The Master Honours Programme Design is a programme of 15EC that will guide you through a full design process, integrating both a technological and a societal challenge. The challenges are rooted in the research of diverse engineering labs of the University. In this programme you work in small design teams. You will develop your skills in mastering complex design problems and creating novel solutions.

research track

The Master Honours Programme Research is an individually tailored programme that offers you additional knowledge and skills in the area of research management, publishing research, and developing a (PhD) research proposal. Through extra courses, trainings and meetings, the program helps excellent UT master students that are in their graduation phase to develop knowledge and skills in the area of academic research.



  • 18th of October               12:45-13:30 WA2 Information session 2nd year students
  • 12th of November           12:45-13:30 WA4 Information session 1st year students
  • 19th of November           12:45-13:30 CR2K Faculty meeting S&T
  • 20th&22th of November  12:45-13:30 CR2K Faculty meeting BMS
  • 21th of November           12:45-13:30 CR2K Faculty meeting EEMCS
  • 23th of November           12:45-13:30 CR2K Faculty meeting ET
  • 12th of December           12:45-13:30 RA Atrium Question market
  • 7th of January                 12:45-13:30 RA Atrium Question market
  • 9th of January                 23:59 Deadline for application
  • 14th -25th of January      Interviews potential students
  • 30th of January               Introduction activity
  • 4th of Febuary                Start honours programme


  • 12th of October            12:45-13:30 RA2334 Change Leaders Honours information lunch
  • 15th of October            12:45-13:30 RA1501 Research Honours information lunch
  • 7th of December           Application deadline research Honours
  • 13th -18th of December Intake interviews Research Honours


Most (current, past and future) Honours students of the University of Twente are united in the honours study association Ockham. More information about H.V. Ockham can be found on their website.