Excellence programmes


Our Honours- and excellence programmes offer additional challenges for Bachelor's, Master's and pre-University students who are looking for extra challenges in addition to their studies. The challenging education programmes have a distinctive profile: they are both High Tech and Human Touch. In other words: technology is combined with social sciences.

As a student, you can develop yourself in one of three roles: as a designer, organizer, or researcher. The excellence programmes stimulate an entrepreneurial attitude with respect towards society and nature. Students who are talented, entrepreneurial, and motivated, as well as students who want to explore outside their usual discipline and who want to appeal more to their creativity will be selected for these programmes:

For vwo students (pre-university)

The University of Twente offers an Honours programme for Dutch vwo students. The students follow three modules of academic training, using the themes philosophy of science, scientific methods, and academic writing. In addition to this, the Honours students choose two masterclasses out of the masterclasses the UT has to offer. More information can be found on the Pre-U website.

For Bachelor's students

During your Bachelor's phase, the University of Twente offers you three kinds of excellence programmes. These consist of deepening and broadening programmes or a combination of these.

  • Bachelor Honours programme: a broadening multidisciplinary programme that consists of five tracks, each following their own path for students to develop themselves. This programme consists of 30 EC's spread out over one and a half year.  
  • STAR-programme: in-depth programme of several studies at the University of Twente. In this programme, you go one step further than the other students within a few projects. 
  • Plus programme: extra programme (30-32 EC) of Applied Physics in which you will delve into a specialist theme.

Read more about these programmes.

The Bachelor's programme Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences (ATLAS) is a fulltime Honours Bachelor's programme and is both broadening and deepening. Visit the website of ATLAS for more information about this study.

For Master's students

In addition to your Master's programme, you can follow three broadening Honour programmes. Read more on these online pages.