Brush up your Maths!

Basic Mathematics for Engineering Studies

If you look around, you probably spot a few numbers here and there. As a consequence of our educational system, most people will equate mathematics with the study of numbers. Yet, mathematics deals with much more than just numbers, it covers structures far more diverse. Laws of physics, for example, can be described by mathematical equations. The more careful we look around, the more math we seem to find. It seems like the whole universe is made out of it.

 Inspired by all the mathematics around us, this course will gives you insight in the use of mathematics. It shows that mathematics is a very important tool for science based engineering and, moreover, helps you developing and evaluating your mathematical skills.

 Are you curious enough to explore that the universe is made out of math?

 Course outline

 In the morning sessions, basic theory will be discussed. Students will work together on selected exercises. These exercises help to prepare you for the start of the coming academic year. Afternoon session focus on real life applications. Experts on the corresponding topics will give inspiring workshops.


  •  All topics contain basic theory and applications in different (engineering) fields:
  •  Numbers
  • Equations and Functions
  • Geometry
  • Limits and Continuity
  • Diffentiation and Differential Equations
  • Integration

Course details

Entry level: Basic Mathematics at high school level

Attainment level: knowledge of mathematics in a science based engineering environment

Target group: students who need mathematics for their academic engineering studies

Study load: attending every session is essential and active participation is expected. Homework is compulsory and is expected to take approximately two hours a day. The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 1.5 EC according to the ECTSystem.

Detailed information about this course will be added later.